• WWE SmackDown took a big blow after Survivor Series. Know what happened
  • Fans have not given love to the episode of SmackDown this week.

This week’s episode of SmackDown was awesome. But there was quite a mess in terms of viewership. This was the first episode of SmackDown after Survivor Series. SmackDown had a viewership of 1.987 million this week. SmackDown had a viewership of 2.215 million last week.

Big loss to SmackDown

The episode of SmackDown was mixed overall but still had a loss in ratings. The first-hour viewership stood at 2.016 million. And the second-hour viewership stood at 1.957 million. This is a very bad thing for WWE. Roman Reigns and Jay Uso started the show this time. The entire episode revolved around Roman Reigns. In addition, Jay Uso also attacked Otis and Daniel Bryan.


The main event was a match between Kevin Owens and Jay Uso. Jay Uso was badly beaten by Kevin Owens. Kevin Owens has now made it clear that he will go for the Universal Championship. The women’s division also saw a lot of good work. Now TLC PPV is coming to a close and buildup is going on in Raw, SmackDown.

Raw’s viewership has been very low this time. For the last year, WWE has been in a lot of trouble regarding ratings. SmackDown’s viewership was good for the last few weeks but this time it has lost. The viewership is always good after any major event, but this time Raw and SmackDown have been bad. Fans have not liked this show much. Sammy Jane and Daniel Bryan had a great match this week.

The first-hour episode of SmackDown was fine, but the second hour was bad this time. Something similar was also seen in Raw. In a recent interview, Stephanie McMahon has also said that everything she is doing to raise the rating is failing. Vince McMahon will now have to do something new.