Google search has rolled out new features for iOS and Android users. Tech Giant designer Aileen Chang created the entire design. He said that we want to make the search easier for users. Now users will be able to search for anything quickly and easily. Chang said that thinking of visual design was a bit difficult initially.

Chang further said that we are not only organizing the information of the web but also organizing the entire information of the world. Now users will get to see many content and information. Google has given information about 5 new features in its blog, about which we will tell you today.

Focus On Information

Google wanted to focus completely on its search results. The company just wants to focus on the information. In the blog, Chang said that people do not mean anything, just that people want to be able to search fast and read accurate information.

The Text Will Be Easy To Read

Google has now started resorting to big and bold text so that users do not have any problem in reading. Google said that we are going to enlarge the result and section title. In the update, information has also been provided about Google’s own font, which has already started appearing in Android, Gmail, and Google products.

More Visual Space Will Be Found On Search

Google will now show your edge to edge result design so that shadows can be completely eliminated. In this case, users will have more space to view the content correctly. You will see everything in between.

Use The Right Colors

Google said that if it shows you any content or image, then it will improve its background so that your eyes do not move around and you can only focus on your content in between.

Change In Google Logo

The Google logo is now starting to look completely round. While the company has already done the rounds to its second logo, at the moment such a design has been found in the search. Now the search bar and magnifying glass can also be quite round in the search.