Possible yet, but soon the day will come when we can pay for a car (or anything) with Bitcoin. At least that is what Tesla has said, which has just announced that it has invested 1,500 million dollars about 1,242 million euros at the current exchange rate in Bitcoin and ensures that it will accept the cryptocurrency as a form of payment for its vehicles in a near future.

The price of bitcoin $ 46,000When that happens anyone who has a Bitcoin will be able to exchange it for a Tesla Model 3 the cheapest model of the Californian company and there would still be money left over. And it is that the price of the cryptocurrency has shot up again after the surprising announcement of Tesla. When we were writing this article, a single Bitcoin was equivalent to 46,173 dollars about 38,000 euros at the current exchange rate but it has reached more than 48,000 dollars more than 40,000 euros in the last hours.

With what a Bitcoin is worth right now we could buy a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus in the United States, the access version of the electric saloon with 263 miles of autonomy about 423 kilometers and rear-wheel drive which is priced in the market US $ 37,990 without aid or discounts.

After the barter we would still have more than $ 8,000 leftover, an amount with which we could pay the insurance of the vehicle for several years and install an electric charging point at home although it would not be necessary either because Tesla customers have the recharge free and unlimited in the company’s Superchargers more than 20,000 points worldwide.

For a little more than a Bitcoin is worth, we could also buy a Tesla Model 3 Longe Range, the extended-range version 353 miles or 568 kilometers with all-wheel drive, which is priced at $ 46,990 in the United States. We would barely need about $ 800.To exchange a Bitcoin for a Model 3 in Spain we would have to put 11,000 euros more since the access version of the electric saloon has a price of 49,000 euros in the Spanish market.

Of course, it is the standard autonomy version plus 448 kilometers of range and rear-wheel drive, which accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 225 km / h (electronically limited).