KOZHIKODE: Stepping up his attack against the Central government over the new farm laws, Congress leader and Wayanad MP, Rahul Gandhi said that the majority farmers haven’t understood the small print of the farm laws and if they did there would be an agitation all across the country and therefore the country would get on fire.

Speaking at a UDF convention at Kalpetta in Wayanad on Thursday, he termed the three new farm laws because the latest deadly assault on the kisans.

The truth is that the majority farmers don’t actually understand the small print of the bill (the three farm laws), because if they did, there would be an agitation all across the country. The country would get on fire, he said.

Rahul said that bills destroy the thought of the mandi and allows a couple of companies to store the maximum amount of agricultural products as they need in order that they’re going to be ready to control the costs of the commodities.

He said that the essential idea was to handover the agriculture system of this country to 3- 4 business people.

Five- 10 people are stealing every single farmer’s produce. they’re stealing from every single worker within the farm they’re stealing from every single one that works within the mandi and stealing from every single teamster who takes the wheat from the mandi. and therefore the Prime Minister of India is organizing the robbery, he alleged.

Rahul also alleged that while the Narendra Modi government within the Centre was aggressively using the CBI and Enforcement Directorate (ED) against Opposition party ruled governments, there was no such pressure on the LDF- led Kerala government.

Every single Opposition government, the CBI and ED are used aggressively. there’s no such thing happening in Kerala. there’s no such pressure being placed on the govt of Kerala by Narendra Modi. The CBI and ED are very relaxed about the.

Stating that the upcoming Assembly election are going to be an election of ideologies, he said that the ideology of the UDF are going to be against the ideology of the LDF and therefore the ideology of the RSS.

Do an easy thing. attend a newspaper and see if the BJP attacks the Congress more or does it attack the CPM more. Does the Prime Minister attack the chief minister of Kerala or does he attack the leadership of the Congress party. I don’t need to enter the small print  you’ll see what’s getting into here, you’ll see the dynamics he said.