At first, we were very macho. We made the cars by taking them from here and there. Things changed in 2002 when we started using the basis of an existing car a Renault Clio. This allowed us to take advantage of more elements and homologate and sell our models much faster. So now we do not touch the mechanics and focus on our specialty customizing and dressing the cars on the outside and inside.

Juan Ignacio Hurtado today at the helm of Hurtan synthesizes what this small artisan manufacturer of luxury cars is, based in Granada and that has just put on sale its latest creation, the new Gran Albaycín. Born in 1992, Hurtan was founded by his father Juan from a small repair shop that, three years later, jumps into the production of vehicles.

The first model is the T2, a roadster that already debuts the style codes based on models from the 50s and 60s, especially the famous British Morgan. Then, as the income was giving financial lung, the Albaycin (2003) arrived, also a convertible with two and four seats based on the Renault Clio the Great Albaycin, a more evolved version of the latter or the Author (2016), another convertible whose donor was a Chrysler PT Cruiser .

Also, there is a double generational change. 10 years ago, the patriarch left the company in the hands of his sons Juan Ignacio, Rosa, and Francisco Javier. And in 2013, The Shout Factory was created, the new company that encompasses the previous assets, but with a more industrial focus. We have sold more than 725 vehicles and we have many international clients, including Arabs. The company has nine employees and, although we will only make 30 of the new car, the maximum annual capacity is 120 cars

The new Gran Albaycín represents the perfection of Hurtan’s industrial concept since under its classic body hides the latest generation Mazda MX-5. We use the maximum of components since, for example, designing our own watch box would cost us 100,000 euros. It is not worth it and it would skyrocket prices. Furthermore, we do not want to compete with the supercars that others make.

He says. Although their cars are cheap to us: the cheapest version of its latest launch costs 59,000 euros without taxes. The car is offered with a Cabrio or Targa body, two finishes, and 132 and 184 horsepower engines. The advantage of being a Mazda is that the vehicle can circulate freely throughout Europe and the mechanical warranty is provided by the brand, which will also do the maintenance. So now they are looking for a base for the four-seater version. It will always be a current model in the market and with a consolidated track record.

In parallel, they face a timid international expansion to close distribution agreements in France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates. We already have some proposals, says Juan Ignacio Hurtado while he hopes that in a year, they can start with the industrialization of Velantur. Announced several years ago, it is a 100% electric model that would have 400 kilometers of autonomy and that they are developing together with the Navarran company Jofemar responsible for the electrical and mechanical part.

It will be manufactured in the old Santana Motor facilities in Jaen. The origins germ of Hurtan was born in the 1960s when Juan Hurtado set up a workshop in Granada after several years working in Barcelona in auto body companies. tailored also customizes cars for individuals and companies such as the Vintage a Jeep Wrangler built in the style of the 30s and used by an events company in Madrid. And in commercial vehicles, Route 44 project launched in 2018 is a large van based on the Fiat Ducato and focused on the food truck business.