‘Hunter X Hunter’ Season 5 & 6

Hunter X Hunter fans were FURIOUS that Netflix had released Season 5/6. They reacted in fury to our July 2017 release date report. Subscribers did not know that Season 5 of Hunter X Hunter and 6 would not be released during July. Netflix has since removed any hint of announcing the release date.

A new release date has been confirmed for Season 5 & 6 of Hunter X Hunter Netflix. According to What’s On Netflix this release has been rescheduled. You might be surprised to learn that it will arrive sooner than you think.

Hunter X Hunter Season 5 and 6 Netflix release date rescheduled

It appears that the Netflix release of two new seasons has been rescheduled. August 1st, 2021. However, this release date applies only to Netflix’s U.S. subscribers. The new series will not be available to subscribers in other regions.

Also, don’t take our word for it that the release date has been rescheduled. You can also search on Netflix for Hunter X Hunter. Two more seasons of the series will be coming to Netflix’s library by August 2021, according to the streaming giant. We were so furious at last month’s launch, we can only hope Netflix does not pull the plug.

‘Hunter X Hunter’ Season 5 & 6

Has the series been renewed? Where else can you watch it?

We have previously reported that Hunter X Hunter is one of the most-watched anime series right now. Unfortunately, Season 7 has not yet been renewed. However, there has been much talk about the possibility that another installment might be made.

HBO Max is, as we have previously stated, the best streaming option for Hunter X Hunter is HBO Max. If you own an AT&T TV, phone, or internet, HBO Max may be available to you. You can also watch all episodes on Crunchyroll.

Are you happy to learn that Netflix has rescheduled Hunter X Hunter Season 5/6’s release date? Is it possible that they will release new seasons at this point?