Hulu's Wu-Tang: an American Saga Season 2

Hulu’s one of the most best proposal for production is Wu-Tang: an American Saga. The story depicts about the creation and upturn of most influential group, in the history of rap. Followingly, with the crack of cocaine epidemic ranging between 1980s and 1990s revolves around him. Thus Bobby Diggs or The RZA find comfort in his music and hence recruits other similar youths in his quest. So as to secure his future from the world of drugs and gang violence he opted this. Latter on RZA created the show with screenwriter Alex Tse. Thus, with an cliff-hanger ending in season 1 of Wu Tang: An American Saga, audience might leave with a question of whether having second season or not.

Meanwhile, the pop up arise, when Hulu announce the renewal of Wu-Tang : An American Saga in January, 2020.


Season one of Wu-Tang: An American Saga, reveals about the past of the each members of Staten Island rap collective in first nine episodes. The finale, named as ‘assassination Day’, focusses on the group future. As they record their first single “Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber through historically, and their debut single is ‘Protect Ya Neck’.

The ending scene record the label executive Steve Rifkind, trying to call Bobby about his music, but he has already left with his siblings.

Therefore in the new even season, audience might find out whether Attila had survived the shooting. The ending show that the siblings are travelling to Ohio, as much the story is likely to be set out there. Alternatively, the finale assure that Shurrie is pregnant with Dennis’s child. Expect that subplot to be feature prominently in the upcoming season.


Hulu’s Wu-Tang: An American Saga, stars Ashton Saunders, shameil Moore, Siddiq Saunderson, Marcus Callender, Julian elijah Martinez, Zolee Griggs, Erika Alexander, TJ Atoms and Johnell Young. It is executive produced by Tse, the RZA, Brian Grazer, Method Man, Francie Calfo and Samie Kim Falvey.

Hulu’s Wu-Tang: an American Saga Season 2 Release Date

As the thing stands by now, “Wu-Tang: An American Saga” season 2 is likely to release in late 2021.