man in blue crew neck shirt wearing black vr goggles

The internet has come a long way since the 90s when simply joining a chatroom felt revolutionary.

Today’s internet involves live streams, millions of social media interactions, and even Virtual Reality (VR). The latter is revolutionizing the online casino experience, putting players in the middle of an immersive environment that doesn’t involve a plane ticket to one of the big in-person casinos.

Read on to learn how VR is rapidly changing what it means to play games of chance online.

You hear the sounds of the game

The main thing wearing a VR headset does for you is create a sensory experience that you just can’t get by simply clicking and swiping. Once you’re connected, you’ll have a seat at a virtual table where you can chat with other players as the game goes on, just as you would in a real-life casino.

Many casinos today are building their games around the use of this type of technology. Players log into sites like Paddy Power live casino to experience interactive versions of slots, Spin & Win, Live Roulette, and other games. These games are available on desktop and mobile devices.

Hearing the sounds of other players, along with the voice of the dealer, makes the live casino experience feel all the more realistic.

You’re more immersed in your game of choice

VR technology doesn’t just give you access to the game; it puts you in the game. With these headsets, you see the poker chips, cards, and roulette balls on the table right in front of you. Many of these games provide 3D spatial effects that give you an idea of distance and that you’re in a room surrounded by other players.

The technology allows you to interact with these objects just as you would in a real-life game of chance. These upgrades make it easier to replicate the expense and excitement of sitting in a casino with bets on the table and the game moving along right in front of your eyes.

As an Indiana University study showed, VR technology is used to study spatial perception. Developers have a lot of data to build on to make these games as realistic to the player as possible.

Live casinos provide a live dealer experience

When you’re at the casino, a friendly, effective, attentive dealer can make or break the experience. These are trained professionals that keep the game moving along while also providing a welcoming face.

Online casinos can now offer this, as many are now using live dealers. These dealers provide human interaction with a digital experience and give players the confidence to know that the game is under control. An Australian Institute of Business study shows that humans still prefer face-to-face communication for many of the important things in life.

Technology is advancing rapidly and affecting our favorite forms of entertainment. One thing is clear – live casinos are all in on investing in these technological advancements to provide a more immersive game to the players.