An Apple ID is the account made on an iOS device, which is used to access all the available Apple services, including FaceTime, iTunes, iCloud, iMessage, and most importantly App store. Apple ID is the way of identification for its users; by this, Apple identifies you and tracks all your devices. And make it impossible for anyone to access your device without your permission.

All the iOS devices, iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac users need an Apple ID.

It’s free; you don’t need to purchase it. All you need is to make an Apple ID account. Then Enter the email address that ends with “,” name, password, and a security question; this security question will help you when you need to retrieve your account if you forget your credentials.

This Apple ID will be entered in all the Mac and app store applications.

Apple takes all the responsibility for the security of the user’s data and privacy; because of this, all Apple devices require credentials to enter the device. If you forget your ID and password, your iOS device can become partially useless.

What to do in This Case?

Apple products are the safest and most guarded devices, but it becomes challenging to access your iOS device’s features if you have forgotten your password. You may want to know how to sign out of Apple ID?

If you forget your Apple ID or Passcode, various methods exist to resolve it, but those could be problematic. To solve it, you may require another application. The different techniques are:

1. Singing out of Apple ID without Passcode by iTunes Account

You need to ensure that your “Find my iPhone option is disabled.” If it is not disabled, go to settings, iCloud, and disable the feature.

Go to the settings again on your iPhone and locate iTunes and App store options.

A dialog box will appear; select Sign Out to remove your Apple ID.

2. Singing out of Apple ID without Passcode by iCloud

Go to settings and select the “iCloud” options.

Select the Delete account button from the dialog and confirm your action.

The above-stated methods can be used, but Dr. Fone software is a reliable and most preferred app to fix this problem.

Dr. Fone Software

Dr. Fone is a complete solution to all your problem; It is a professional iOS repairing software with millions of users. It runs efficiently on all iOS devices and is available in desktop version too. It fully supports iPhone 12 and the latest iOS. Dr. Fone has proved to be the most reliable software with advanced technologies and guarantees no data loss. It has been widely used to restore your devices, chat histories, backup, and data transfer. The procedures are well-defined, more accessible, and do not require technical support.

Dr. Fone fixes problems like;

  • Recovering your device if you forgot iPhone/iPad/iPod passwords
  • Enabling the disabled iPhone/iPad
  • Unlocking of all screen lock types, including Face ID, Touch ID, 6-Digit Codes, and PIN.
  • Factory resetting your iOS devices without a password
  • Unlock Apple ID without Password
  • Jailbreak iOS on macOS
  • Unlock iCloud activation lock
  • And many other issues can also be fixed using Dr. Fone’s software.

What is Dr. Fone- Sign out Apple ID without Password Feature?

Dr. Fone’s software enables you to unlock your Apple ID without a password; it is now possible to remove your Apple ID from your iPhone with the help of this application. Dr. Fone has provided its guide for users with listed issues that this software can solve.

Dr. Fone offers the most reliable method to remove Apple ID from the iPhone without entering the password. Dr. Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS) is how you do it.

For this, all you need to do is;

  • Install Dr. Fone software on your PC.
  • Launch the software on your PC
  • Connect your device with the help of a cable to your PC
  • Select the option “Screen Unlock” from the available options
  • Since we need to bypass the Apple ID, select the “Unlock Apple ID” option
  • This option helps you sign out from Apple ID without a password
  • On your iOS device, enter the screen lock password and click “Trust” to confirm the connection to scan your data.
  • After the confirmation, a new window will open asking to unlock your device.
  • When you click on the option, a dialog box will appear as a warning pop-up;
  • The warning states that removing the Apple ID would also remove the data, but Dr. Fone’s Restore and Backup feature can save your data from erasing.
  • Back up all your data.
  • Type the Confirmation code “000000” in the given box to continue.
  • Another window will appear asking you to reset your iPhone; go to setting- General-and reset all settings.

Your iOS device will automatically reboot, and Dr. Fone will initiate the unlocking process.

The process will take a few minutes to complete.

After the process completion, you will receive a message on your screen that your Apple ID has been successfully bypassed.

After that, this procedure will take just a few minutes; the previous ID will be removed, and you can sign in with a new Apple ID and enjoy the services again.


If you use Dr. Fone software for unlocking your Apple ID, your data will not be lost from your device; you can normally use your device, update it, and start by adding a new Apple ID.

Dr. Fone is a complete phone data recovery solution that has developed a series of excellent recovery features to help users solve their problems. It allows restoring many functions and items. Restore data from the backup to iOS or Android devices. Recover the contacts, messages, and photos. It fixes many common issues, works for all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and iOS 15 and upgraded versions are also supported. This software comes complete with many features designed to keep your data secured and fix your problems with a range of different conditions all at once.

Dr. Fone ensures the world’s No.1 System Repair app with speed and highest success rate, latest technologies, secure data transfer, and the fastest recovery within a few steps, Saving you from any data loss.