How to Make UPI Payment without Internet
How to Make UPI Payment without Internet

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Digital payments have seen massive growth and India is moving towards cashless or digital transactions. In recent times, almost every person needs to pay online to someone and UPI has been considered as the best way to do so.

As paying money online using the UPI needs an active Internet connection to the processor the payment. But there are many times when you want to pay online but you are facing slow internet connectivity issues.

So, we have come with a solution by which you can easily make a UPI payment without Internet connectivity.

Make UPI Payment without Internet

Using UPI (Unified Payment Interface) you can transfer money between two bank accounts through any device and that needs an Internet connection.

There are so many instances when you need to make a payment but are not able to do so because of the slow internet speed. However, there is the simplest method to use UPI offline.

If you need to make a UPI payment without internet connectivity, you can do any payment using the USSD-based service.

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) based mobile banking service was launched by the NPIC (National Payments Corporation of India) along with the BHIM UPI app back in the year 2016.

It is called the “*99# Service”. This service is available for all the users whether you use a smartphone or you have a feature phone with no UPI access or not included within the UPI system. If your mobile number is joined to your bank account, you will use all the facilities of UPI using the “*99# service”.

This feature is not so popular, as smartphone users have access to UPI apps and they always pay via the UPI apps while the feature phone does not know about this feature.

Register for UPI

If you not using UPI apps on your smartphone or you have a feature phone and want to register your mobile number with UPI. Below are the steps to register on UPI.

  • Open the dialer on your device.
  • Dial *99# from your bank registered mobile number.
  • Select your language.
  • Enter your Bank name or first 4 letters of your bank IFSC, then send it.
  • Select your bank account.
  • Enter the last six digits of your debit card, and then send.
  • Enter the expiry date of your debit card (MM/YY).
  • Now, enter the new UPI PIN, and again confirm it.
  • Done, your UPI will be created successfully.

Send Money: UPI Payment Without Internet

Now, if you have created UPI for your bank account, here’s how you can make a UPI payment without the Internet using the USSD code.

  • Open the dialer on your device and dial *99#.
  • You will see many options including the send money, check balance, etc.
  • Since we looking to send money. So, type 1 and tap to send.
  • Here, you will see options to send money including Mobile Number, UPI ID, Bank Account, etc.
  • Select your preferred option.
  • If you have selected the UPI ID, enter the UPI ID of the person whom you are sending money.
  • Once you enter the person’s UPI ID, Band Account details, Mobile Number, it will ask to enter the amount.
  • Now, enter the amount you want to send.
  • Enter a remarks for the payment.
  • Finally, enter the UPI PIN to complete the transaction.
  • Done, now your will get the transaction status along with the reference ID.

Note: Currently, you can transfer a maximum of Rs 5,000 per transaction using this *99# USSD service. Using this service, you can send and receive money without any data and even using a basic feature phone.

This was all about how you can send money using UPI without an internet connection.

Deregister from UPI

If you want to deregister your mobile number from UPI. Here’s how you can do it easily using the USSD service.

  • Open the dialer on your phone and dial *99#.
  • Here, you will many options, type 4 to go to your profile.
  • Now, type 7 and send to deregister your number from UPI.
  • Finally, press 1 to confirm.
  • Done, Your UPI will be deregistered successfully.