WhatsApp is the undisputed queen of messaging applications with more than 2,000 million users around the world, of which more than 30 million are in Spain. Also, 92% of smartphone users in our country use this messaging network according to the latest data from the Household Panel of the National Markets and Competition Commission. Amazing figures that support the success of the application owned by Facebook.Taking into account the number of people who use WhatsApp, how easy spying would have been in times of the Cold War if WhatsApp and well, especially the Internet, had been invented a few decades earlier.

And it is that the messaging application saves some tricks for those people who know how to play with its configuration. We can read the messages without being seen online, hide the profile photo to continue being an incognito for our contacts and even detect when they spy on us. All the tools you need to be a 007 at home. What concerns us this time is to know the location of your contacts in real-time, what you want to do with that information is up to you. For the safety of the spy user himself and the former Marvel Avengers superhero detective, Jessica Jones, this trick does not require third-party applications (the kind that sells your data or install malicious applications).


The most lawful way is to ask the contact in question. To share the location with other users, it is as easy as opening WhatsApp and entering the chat of the person with whom you want to share this information. Then you just have to press the clip-shaped icon in the lower right and press Location. After accepting a series of permissions requested by the messaging application, it will give you a choice between a selection of addresses in the area, Send my current location or location in real-time. The difference between these two options is that one marks some static coordinates and the one that is in real-time marks the different locations as we move. It can be set to share for 15 minutes, one hour, or eight hours.


In the case of having an iPhone, the process is just as simple. From WhatsApp open the conversation of the person you want to send your location to. Tap the plus symbol on the left side of the conversation and tap Location. As in Android, you must grant the necessary permissions to the application and choose to send the location from a selection of addresses in the area, Send my current location or the location in real-time. If you select to send the location in real-time for an hour or eight hours, when it is no longer necessary, do not forget to deactivate it from the conversation itself, as it consumes a lot battery.


Through this service you can locate the person you want, in addition to knowing their IP, the service through which they accessed (for example, if it is from WhatsApp web on a Windows device from the Chrome browser), and the exact address by clicking on the map.
First, go to the IPLogger website and select Location Locator at the bottom. Then copy the link that follows Your IPLogger link to collect statistics and paste it into the conversation of the person whose location you want to know.

When the person clicks the link, the web will ask them to accept Share location, if the person accesses, the web will show their location while you can also see their location in the section of registered IPs.The web, regarding this service, reads the following: “Create the Location Locator link and discover the exact GPS-based location of any mobile device! Help your friends to go to the meeting point with Google Maps.” By depending on the other person accessing the geolocation, it is not very spyware, although it seems a useful function for emergencies