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If you’re a startup organization looking for steady and rapid growth in the industry, custom postcards can be highly effective. It will help your startup share information, gain new leads, and spread brand awareness effectively. So, if you want to incorporate the benefits of custom postcard printing into your startup marketing strategy, this comprehensive guide will help you. 

But before we dive into the ways to use postcards for the rapid growth of your firm, let’s understand what custom postcards are. 

Custom Postcards: What is it?

Custom postcards are an excellent approach to outreach a set audience that your startup usually wouldn’t be able to connect with. These postcards are popular among businesses of all sizes, especially startups, as they ensure a good return on investment. With high conversion rates, postcards have become way more effective than other forms of marketing nowadays. 

So, with a brief insight into the concept, let’s proceed to the ways by which you can use custom postcards for your startup’s growth and success. 

Content Structure and Design

When it comes to the most effective and successful marketing materials – whether in printed hard copy form or on the digital format – there are two key elements:

  • Effective design
  • Effective content

If you miss out on even one of these elements, say goodbye to your postcards (and the money invested), as they will go straight from the mailbox to the trash bin. 

To achieve maximum ROI from your postcard marketing strategy, go with the guidelines mentioned below to create amazing and unique content and design for your startup. 

Compelling Content: Determining Your Message 

Although the content and the design must work together, it’s advisable to start with the content. Here, the word “content” refers to the message that your startup wants to deliver to the audience. It also means the words you choose to convey your particular brand message. 

Despite the design being the most visually-appealing thing about a custom postcard, it’s the content that matters the most. While you think, draft, and filter your postcard’s content, consider these factors: 

1. Purpose of your Custom Postcards

In simple terms, you must know what primary message you want to convey to the audience. It’s crucial to know that custom postcards are scannable and they’re not like posters. 

So, it’s best to stick around with one concrete and compelling idea. You must avoid including multiple messages to crowd the postcard as it will ultimately leave your recipients confused as to what exactly you’re saying.

However, the good thing to know is that custom postcards are highly versatile, enabling you to use almost any business message that you want. Your startup can use postcards for the following purposes:

  • To let customers know that your startup business is moving to a new location
  • To announce seasonal discounts, random sales, or some special offers
  • To reward customers with redeemable coupons
  • To invite customers to an exclusive product demo, open house, or some other event
  • To send a thank, you note to customers for making any purchase

No matter what’s the one great idea for your postcard, take the info and write the header. Remember that the title is the most crucial phase of the overall postcard. 

2. Knowing Your Target Audience 

Apart from the primary message to convey, knowing your target audience will be crucial for effective postcard content and design. 

You must consider the following aspects of the postcard recipients:

  • Psychographics: It means the customer’s psychological attributes, including their attitude, aspirations, and beliefs. 
  • Demographics: It means the customer’s age, family size, gender, location, income, marital status, etc.
  • Relationship: Apart from the customer’s characteristics, determine their existing relationship with your startup. 

This information will help your startup determine the right type of message that your recipients will love. 

3. Adding Call-to-Action in Your Postcards

As a startup, you should include a single call-to-action in your postcards. Once the recipient reads the postcard, they should know what you want them to do and how. For the most compelling call-to-action, you can use impactful words like “Guaranteed,” “100%,” “Save,” Act Now,” and so on. Keep it small, precise, understandable, and specific. 

Effective Design: Keep it Simple!

It’s highly recommended to keep all your postcard design themes as simple as possible. As the saying goes, “the simpler, the better.” For custom postcards, you can create your own postcard design template with a watermark, your startup logo, and whatever you feel is attractive yet simple. 

When it comes to size, you can either go with the standard or the custom one. Finally, choose the perfect color scheme along with relevant imagery of your business and go with it. 

Ending Note 

So, print your custom postcards from the best service provider and start boosting your startup’s growth by conveying your brand message.