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From time to time, when life becomes tiresome, we scroll through Instagram looking for small rays of hope and inspiration. We look for people who we like and who help us feel better. Those people teach us different things to change our outlook and live a better life—those who create encouraging and engaging content and share it with others online. And we are grateful to true lifestyle influencers for constantly striving to impact our lives in so many positive ways.

Lifestyle influencers cover a broad category of topics such as food, finance, travel, style, parenthood, decor, gardening, and many more. Their content is a unique blend of interests and topics revolving around daily life and the art of good living. Lifestyle creators take us into their worlds by sharing personalized content unique to their lives and experiences. And they have lots of followers on their page because their content is inspirational, informative, and fascinating.

If you think that you can be one of the most followed lifestyle influencers on Instagram but are not sure how to get started, continue reading this post. Here, you will learn six actionable tips for becoming a successful lifestyle influencer on Instagram. Ready to start?

Pick a Narrow and Focused Niche

If you want to be a lifestyle influencer, picking a particular niche can help you get started. Many top lifestyle influencers have their roots in a specific niche, like make-up, fashion, or parenting. Then you can expand your realm of interests and explore other topics that you are passionate about. Thus, you will have different content categories to contribute and share as a lifestyle influencer.

Share High-quality Content

The key to being an influencer is to create amazing content. To do this, first, you need to know your audience and what they hope to gain by following your posts. Create consistent Instagram posts with meaningful captions to share valuable insights about your life. Here, consistency is the key. A consistent posting schedule will keep your audience engaged and excited for future posts. That is why it is so important to plan how and when you will publish your content on Instagram.

Your lifestyle content should be personal and about daily life, providing value to your audience, namely information, instruction, actionable advice, entertainment, or inspiration. Creating this type of content requires an extra level of creativity, awareness, authenticity, and empathy. Soulless content is not welcome. Instead, when your audience feels connected to you through the feelings you express, they will stick with you.

Engage Your Audience

Engagement rate is a critical factor for lifestyle influencers working on Instagram. If you publish great content without responding to comments or DMs, you will not succeed as an influencer. Interacting with your audience will help you build a strong community and increase your engagement rate.

Whenever your followers comment or ask questions, take the time to answer them. Doing this shows them that you value or care about them and leads to a more meaningful and deeper connection between you.

Collaborate with Brands that Match You

Brands are always looking to collaborate with lifestyle influencers because it is a niche that has many sub-niches. Since lifestyle influencers have a wide range of engaged followers, they are the type of influencer most in demand by brands and marketers for promotional campaigns.

Because finding the right brand to match your content and values can be highly challenging, we recommend you sign up on the Ainfluencer platform. Ainfluencer is a reliable influencer marketplace and an alternative to relying on an influencer marketing agency that you can join for free. This DIY influencer marketing platform allows for brands to connect with their desired influencer or brand ambassador and run campaigns.

Analyze Your Instagram Performance

Evaluating your performance is very critical in the influencer industry. You can grow your Instagram business account and build an engaged community by tracking Instagram analytics. Also, analytical data will help you learn further about your audience and their preferences. Additionally, you will understand which Instagram posts or stories are getting better engagement or identify the best time to post your content. In general, the data will help improve your content marketing strategies.

Furthermore, it is crucial to note that brands are now asking influencers to provide them with key metrics in their influencer marketing partnerships. Hence, tracking and understanding your major KPIs becomes even more essential as an influencer.


If you think you have a creative and distinctive way of living that can inspire or interest others, then becoming a lifestyle influencer can be a good fit for you. In this post, we explored six practical tips that can be helpful in better understanding how to be a lifestyle influencer on Instagram.

As you can see, to be a successful lifestyle influencer on Instagram, you need a great deal of dedication, patience, and hard work. So forget about fake followers, social scams, and other hacks or shortcuts that are not going to work. Instead, focus on creating valuable and innovative content, authenticity, transparency, and good old-fashioned commitment and effort. And never stop learning, discovering new things in life, and evolving yourself and your followers. The future of influencer marketing seems full of opportunities and competitors, so it is crucial to start early. Wishing you the best and plenty of success in this exciting role. I know you are going to do great.