TikTok was launched in 2016 in China but has already made its way to one of the world’s fastest-growing social networks. It has been downloaded billions of times and attracted hundreds of millions of users. Why? People use the application to make short videos on different topics. The so-called challenges are also very popular, when people dance especially, perform different tasks, and make videos of it. The TikTok videos are usually quite short. There’s no end in sight to the video stream: once you’ve watched a video, you simply swipe up to access new content. If you like a video a lot, you can like, share, or comment on it. How the TikTok algorithm tailors its video loop to the user is unclear. TikTok only vaguely explains that what the user likes, shares, watches, and follows plays a role.

That has become possible because of TikTok’s “For You” option, which has transformed the way people become known online. This simplicity of how TikTok users can find so many types of content has contributed to the staggering growth of the app. But how does the TikTok algorithm “For You” work? We won’t focus on the technical nuances but try to investigate what makes TikTok so special and popular, or how you can download TikTok videos. What is the unique selling point of TikTok compared to apps such as Instagram and Snapchat?


The app’s product description in the app store says that TikTok is a global video community. TikTok makes it easy for users to discover short and entertaining videos, and to create videos themselves. These can then be “pimped” with special effects, filters, and stickers before being uploaded.

Anyway, TikTok doesn’t just let you create and upload your clips. We have already written about the so-called TikTok challenges – the application works as a platform for visual interaction, and communication. There is even the option of responding to another video with your clip.


There are some features that TikTok has in common with other social media platforms. For example, the content which will be recommended to you will be based on the previous content you have interacted with. However, the app also aims to ensure creativity and variety and to promote the creators, who are still unknown. So, even though the algorithm is primarily based on users’ interests and user digital performance, there are also new clips that are always played out on your “For you” page.

But how does the TikTok algorithm work and which parameters play an important role for it? To understand the mechanics of Tik Tok, we should keep in mind who has developed the app. It was the Chinese company Bytedance. This company became known as a leading provider of artificial intelligence, which Bytedance uses to operate machine-learning content platforms. So, the entertaining TikTok platform is based on artificial intelligence.


Users of the app know that when TikTok opens, the “For You” feed presents itself. The TikTok algorithm chooses the videos for “For You” according to some key parameters:

  • Users’ interactions
  • Information about the current video
  • The device and account settings of the author of the video

So, what about the users’ interactions? Shares, likes, comments are still very important factors for the algorithm. It matters, which videos have you watched multiple times, which accounts you follow, and which creators, in turn, follow these accounts. The topics, hashtags, sounds, and users you search for also count as users’ interactions. So, if you would like to upload videos with animals with the corresponding hashtags and sound, you will also get more animal videos suggested. This principle is quite clear, isn’t it?

The information about the video is also important. The more other users act with videos with similar hashtags and keywords, the higher the chance this video will be shown to other users as well. The device and account settings about TikTok also play a role. For example, if you come from Germany, videos in German are more likely to be suggested to you.


And how is it possible to make your video recommended on the main TikTok page? Firstly, take part in challenges, to use hashtags. Popular hashtags like #fy, #foryou, or #viral is a great way to get on other users’ home pages. By sharing your videos on Instagram as well, for example in your Story or on Snapchat and Facebook, you increase your reach.

Secondly, use popular sounds. Scroll your Tik Tok homepage for a while, and you will most likely encounter some sounds more often. There are always new sounds that are trending and that many users post videos about. And remember, that the quality of the videos you make matters! Well, that doesn’t mean you need the latest smartphone. It’s enough if you pay attention to good lighting conditions, the video is not shaky and everything necessary for understanding the video is visible.


In conclusion, the video app TikTok is a great chance to watch stunning content or even become famous. This virtual platform is just like a photo platform Instagram, but only with music. It is fun to tap through the various video clips, challenges, hashtags and discover many good performances along the way.

Moreover, the value of the TikTok videos is also sometimes very high. You can even find videos about Blackjack casino games there if you are a passionate gambler. Of course, you can gamble Blackjack online, but what to do if you also want to enjoy videos about this game? Take a look at TikTok! Despite the fact the app was developed for entertainment, there are plenty of short teaching videos or video guides there.

And if you dare, you can post your videos online and perhaps even make your way to a TikTok star. To start with TikTok, you need to download the app and start with your profile.