Season five is defined to be the last outing for the activity thriller Queen of the South.

The series follows Teresa Mendoza, a Mexican girl who assembles a vast and profitable drug empire that affects her life. Fans will keep in mind that season four finished with an untimely death and a threatening hazard, which appears like a powerful theme in the upcoming series.

The new season has reached its completion in America, however, there are not any spoilers here, do not worry! We are still waiting to get a UK release date, but continue reading for what we know up to now about Queen of the South’s final Season.

Queen Of The South Season 5 UK Release Date

Unfortunately, there’s now no verification of a UK Release  date for Queen of the South, but we will make certain to update you with new info as it pertains. The crime drama generally faces a protracted delay in attaining UK displays, together with the continuing pandemic also having a direct effect. We might still have some time to wait until we could catch up on Teresa’s destiny.

Where to watch Queen of the South

The first four seasons of Queen of the South could be seen on Netflix. Upon its Release, we anticipate season five to flow too.

How many episodes are in Queen of the South season 5?

Since it started in 2016, Queen of the South has traditionally conducted 13 episodes a Season. Nevertheless, season five will be slightly shorter, using only ten episodes left from the Story.

Queen of the South Cast

The season four finale watched the tragic departure of Teresa’s godson Tony Parra in an explosion, therefore celebrity Julian Silva won’t be returning. Moving ahead, the last season will watch Alice Braga back as Teresa, together with Hemky Madera also coming having depicted Pote Galvez because the series started.

Lady Molly Burnett, who performs Pote’s girlfriend Kelly Anne Van Awken was encouraged in the recurring role to show regularly.

Peter Gadiot reprises his role as James Valdez — mentor, friend, and lover to Teresa. Alimi Ballard, who combined Queen of the South as a road gang leader and jazz club owner Marcel Dumas in its penultimate season, additionally includes once again in Season 5.