There are tons of headlines leading to NCIS season 19 premiering at CBS. It’s hard not to know where it all begins!

We know that Mark Harmon has been talked about as having less role in the story. Just like Gary Cole’s hiring and Katrina Law’s promotion, there is a lot of discussions. Perhaps all this means that the show’s Monday night shift to 9:00 p.m. Eastern may not be generating as much conversation.

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We don’t need to explain why CBS did this: They removed NCIS Tuesday night and are now transforming the night into three hours that revolve around the FBI. __S.13__ __S.14__

One thing we will mention is that this NCIS moves could ease some of that pressure. It was likely that Harmon, a part-time cast member, would decrease ratings. But after All Rise’s disappointing ratings (which aired in this time slot for the last two seasons), NCIS should be in a position to draw in viewers. It could also help NCIS Hawaii airing following it, and maybe even increase the comedies which are airing before.

If you’re wondering if there are any benefits for viewers, we think the biggest one is that it helps viewers who work late to catch it live. It also allows them back-to-back access to the Hawaii flagship and spin-off shows, which would be impossible if they aired on Tuesday. We’re going to and will view this move as half the glass.

How Do You Think NCIS Season 19 Airing On Mondays Will Impact The Show?

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