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Getting tracks on playlists gives artists exposure and helps them get a wider reach. Artists send their songs to curators of Amazon Music’s playlists for placement consideration. They can pitch tracks via Amazon Music for Artists. Its app’s “New Release Pitch Tool” is available for the submission of tracks for playlist placement. 

Pitching your songs for Amazon playlist placement

The official curators will consider artists’ tracks sent in for playlist placement. Understanding how to present your music for playlist features on “Amazon Music for Artists” is necessary. The steps below will help you.

  1. Select your preferred song under “New Releases” on “Amazon Music for Artists.”
  2. Choose any song from your recent release that will likely become your fans’ favorite or the lead single.
  3. Create your pitch.
  4. Then, hit the “Submit” button.

Musicians can pitch songs from their new releases on the platform to playlist editors within 14 days of their launch. You can only pick a track from your recent release. Re-mastered or re-released track isn’t qualified for playlist placement.

How to create your pitch

With 200 words, you can help Amazon Music determine the suitable playlist for your track. Describe your music and explain why it will become your listeners’ favorite. If your track has lyrics, explain its language to Amazon Music. Besides, you can describe your song with three genres and mention artists who released similar tracks.

Your submission lets you inform the platform that your music will become popular. It is a chance to inform the platform of your song’s unique features. Also, state why you are confident that the track will go viral. Consider it an elevator pitch. With the doors shut, you must present your song to the editors before you reach your floor.

Besides a detailed description of your track, inform Amazon Music about its mood. Suggest the right occasion for playing the song, which may be low-key when completing an essay or at a party. Include your marketing strategies for the music and state your plans to create a buzz around it. Also, mention how you interact and entertain your fans live and online. When you have completed the pitch, click “Submit.”

If your track didn’t make it to the playlists, it would still benefit from your pitch. The release will receive a boost on the platform due to the details you submitted. Informing the playlist team about the song’s genres and the anticipated audience will get it noticed by the app’s algorithm for a recommendation. Besides, your fans will receive notifications of your recent releases.

How artists can publish their tracks on Amazon Music

Musicians can pitch for playlist placement consideration if their tracks have been uploaded on the platform. Digital music distribution services can help you publish your tracks on Amazon Music. Depending on the distributor, artists can have their music uploaded to music streaming platforms at a fee or for free.

Some music distributors have service tiers. It will be best if you go through their conditions of service before you opt for a distribution service for your music. Besides, find out the perks of working with each music distributor you considered.