Hotel Del Luna

Korean supernatural fantasy drama Hotel Del Luna (Hotel blue moon) might return on screens for a second season. The drama is created by Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran and directed by Oh Choong-hwan. This show had created history in 2019 by becoming the most watched Korean drama of the year on TvN. The show’s popularity can also be measure by the fact that an English adaptation of the series will be filmed soon by Alison.

The Korean Drama is available for streaming for Indian audiences exclusively on Netflix

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Cast

The main characters of the show include Lee Ji-eun as Jang Man-wol, Kim Gyu-ri as young Man-wol, Yeo Jin-goo as Gu Chan-sung and Kim Kang-hoon as young Chan-sung.

Other supporting artists of the show include:

  • Jung Dong-hwan as No Joon-suk
  • Shin Jung-geun as Kim Seon-bi (formerly Kim Shi-ik)
  • Bae Hae-sun as Choi Seo-hee
  • Pyo Ji-hoon as Ji Hyun-joong
  • Kang Mi-na as spirit of Jung Soo-jung / Kim Yoo-na

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Plot

The K drama portrays the story of a mysterious hotel named Hotel Del Luna (house of the moon). This hotel is specifically for ghost clients who want to finish certain business of theirs which they could not finish when alive. This place is not visible to humans during the day especially and only appears to them under special circumstances.

The staff of the hotel is as good as centuries old as they help cater the ghostly clientele quite well except one staff who is a human and his family has been serving the hotel since generations. The ghosts have to abide by the rules of the Grim reaper and the Mago (Goddess of longevity).

In the final episode of the season Kim Soo-Hyun is crowned as the new owner of the hotel by Goddess Mago. Season 2 of the show will definitely pick up from here as the fans want to know what happens to the hotel under new management.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Release Date

As mentioned before the show has garnered huge popularity and a large fan base, therefore, the drama must return for the huge public demand for it. However, there is no official update for a new season of the show.

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