Focus Feature has declare about Edgar Wright’s ‘Last Night in Soho’ in theatres. Previously distributor set to open the Wright latest project in September, but later on pushed back for coronavirus. Keeping in mind about the psychological horror genre, Edgar Wright directed his latest film Last Night in Soho.

“Haunted by someone else’s past, but we’ll see you in the future,” Wright wrote to his Twitter followers while announcing about his project.

Collecting all specific plot elements wrapping under one roof both Wright and Focus Features worked on it. Despite of flirting along with genre at his beginning of career, Edger Wright has never made horror film. Thus this film seems to give a great change with highly anticipated psychological thriller.


Last Night in Soho follows the psychological thriller, of a young girl, passionate about fashion design. Likewise the mystery revolves when she enters 1960s encountering her idol, dazzling would be singer. Yet falling apart with shady consequences, 1960 is not that much what it seems.


Anya Taylor as Sandy, Terence Rigg, Diana Rigg, Thomasin McKenzie as Eloise, Matt Smith


Edgar Wright’s psychological horror thriller is going to premier on 23 April 2021.