Young Royals Season 2

Prince Wilhelm longs that he can live freely with his beloved. But suddenly, the succession is closer than expected. Season 2 of the “Young Royals“, perhaps?

Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryaning), at the Hillerska Board School, experienced for the first time the feeling of being free to abandon the monarchy and give in to his emotions. Unexpectedly, he steps up to the throne. But he is faced with a monumental decision: Should he listen to his heart or take on responsibility?

What is the renewal status of Young Royals Season 2?

Young Royals is already gaining a loyal fan base after its debut season. Netflix and Young Royals have not yet made any official announcements on a possible Season 2 of Young Royals. Young Royals is still new on Netflix’s list of new releases. It may take some time before Season 2 is given the go-ahead. Young Royals Season 2 will likely be released in the summer of 2022.

Young Royals Season 2

Plot: What could Young Royals Season 2 be about?

Prince Wilhelm adapts to Hillerska’s life after the first season. He makes new friends and even falls in love. His life was turned upside down by unexpected circumstances and he became the next contender for the throne. In the finale of season 1, Wilhelm discovers that August leaked the sex tape on which Simon, the young prince, appeared. Wilhelm is left even more broken when he realizes that the queen knew the truth right from the beginning, but chose to not confront it to preserve the family’s image. The episode ends when Wilhelm is seen cuddling with Simon in public.

Young Royals Season 2 may allow her to investigate the relationship between Wilhelm and Simon now that she’s gone public. We might also be able to find out whether Sara and August will continue their love story. Wilhelm is angry about the Queen. Things are not yet resolved. Season 2 is likely to have many interesting plot threads.

Who will be the cast of Young Royals Season 2?

The first season featured a great cast, who played the characters extremely dynamically. They could return with the possible second season of Young Royals. They include Omar Rudberg and Omar Rudberg (Prince Wilhelm), Malte Gardinger and August, Ivar Forsling and Erik, Frida Agento (Sara), Pernilla Astor, Samuel Astor as well as Mimmi, Fabian Penje & Carmen Gloria Perez.