The Mosquito Coast has come to its first season finale, together with the Fox family at a crossroad after having a shootout last week in Season 1, Episode 6, “Calaca.” Now, they must figure out the best course of action for your family; however, with the way Allie has been treating them Margot and Dina are debating whether or not his strategy is the best one for their security. The following is a recap for The Mosquito Coast Season 1, Episode 7, “The Glass Sandwich,” with Lots of spoilers ahead.

The episode starts with the Fox family on the run, and Bill is hot in pursuit. After killing the feds that were sent to apprehend Allie, Bill came throughout the guy who sold the Foxes their van, and he supplies enough information to Bill for him to figure out where they’re heading. Currently, they are camping out at a beach town as Allie hunts for a boat; however, before he can do so, there’s loads of tension brewing between the relatives.

Dina conveys guilt over the deaths of the national officials, that Allie brushes off, as he claims they just had bad jobs that place them in the situation. He also says they had been manipulating Dina for individual gain and didn’t care about her; however, this train of thought backfires, as Dina throws it back in Allie’s face later on after he attracts them up alive life on a ship.

After everything they’ve been through, Dina realizes Allie has also been manipulating their loved ones, accusing him of only caring about everything they want whether it benefits him. She also mentions how if he’d care, he would have let her and Charlie live with Margot’s parents instead of stripping them of youth and dragging them into a situation where their lives are on the line nearly always. In the long run, he’s like the officers, as he’s done everything in his power to make the household work in his favor, regardless of the toll it takes on them.

This strikes a chord with Charlie, who attempts to shield Allie, but Dina pushes him down before storming off. When Allie attempts to care for her, Margot tells him not to, because she’s also on Dina’s side and doesn’t want Allie to control her again or understands there is no way he can alter Dina’s mind. Regardless of the very clear animosity, Allie forces forward with his plan, assuming every family member will fall in line nonetheless, afterwards, he sends Charlie to run errands while he buys the ship, Margot tells Dina they’re leaving with no Allie as soon as they locate Charlie, as she expects to come back home with her kids.

Sadly, they do not locate Charlie in time, because he returns to the van and also notices a stranger shooting photos of the automobile. He is rightfully suspicious, but makes a lapse in judgment, pulling his gun at the guy and shooting when he sees him deliver the photo. Along with Bill being alerted regarding the Foxes’ location, the noise of the gun alerts the regional government, and Charlie has been arrested.

This forces the Foxes to operate collectively, and despite Margot offering to turn herself in with Allie in exchange for Charlie’s safety, as well as passage for those children to return home, Allie shoots this down and drags Dina outside to concoct a breakout program. After seeing that the storm drains operate through the police station, Allie sneaks through them to lay out a path to the sea and creep in a crowbar into the drain attached to the station.

At nighttime, Margot subsequently breaks Allie’s nose, so it looks like he had been mugged. While he goes to the channel to request help, Margot and Dina blow two vehicles up to divert any additional officers. This contributes to Allie having the ability to sneak in the channel and find Charlie’s cell, but there’s a major bump in the road.

Bill, with all the info from the stranger, arrives at the station, and he is close behind Allie. Happily for the Foxes, Charlie and Allie make it seem like they escaped out a window, even when they really used the crowbar to sneak out through the drains. While Charlie is initially afraid to swim throughout the drains, he finally does so, fulfilling the rest of the household outside. From there, they make their way on their ship and sail off to”safety;” nevertheless, no one seems pleased about this, with Allie crying and laughing at the end, despite getting exactly what he wanted.