This week, lovers of Legendary were treated to a double feature, using both Season 2, Episode 7, “Oh,” and Season 2, Episode 8, “Ice Haus,” being released the same day. The prior is Victorian themed, as well as the latter is suspended themed. This also constitutes for last week, which saw no house go home; however, two houses went home this past week. These will contain big spoilers for Legendary, Season 2, Episode 7, and Episode 8.

Season 2, Episode 7, “Ovah!” Category One

The Ovah! The ball kicks off with production from each home that channels opulence and Bridgerton vibes, while also focusing on one of those components of fashion. The winning home in this past week, House Tisci, additionally selects what element each home will perform.

To start is House Balenciaga, and Honey is back after taking some time off from the show in light of a family catastrophe. Their part is a catwalk, and also the house makes the decision to focus on Honey since she’s been absent in the series. While they have stunned the judges before, they needed to push themselves earning them a 40. House Tisci is next, and they need to incorporate spins and dips, hoping to redeem themselves from their Seven Deadly Sins class, where they did not utilize spins to their fullest. To achieve this, Stanley dances in pointe shoes, which will be rare amongst men identifying ballerinas. While the judges loved their wardrobe, they wanted more twists, providing them a 42.

House Prices takes things in a different route by recreating a chessboard for their flooring performance concentrated number, however the performance, while high energy, felt disconnected from the audio. It was a good performance, but good is not sufficient, earning them a 36. Garçon performs better using their”Victorian Secret” inspired duck walk functionality, and it is almost perfect because of how they integrated their part and their magnificent outfits, making a 49. Miyake-Mugler manages to top them using their palms concentrated performance, making tens throughout the board.

Season 2, Episode 7, “Ovah!” Category Two

The next category is all about hands, but unlike in the past, the performers are going to maintain shadow boxes, so the judges don’t know who they are chopping. Following the initial round, the dancers in the crimson and purple boxes have been left position, with red winning. It has shown this is Balenciaga, making them an extra ten points, going from 40 to 50.

Season 2, Episode 7, “Ovah!” Elimination

With a tie between Balenciaga and Miyake-Mugler, it’s up to guest judge Adam Lambert to opt for the winner, so he chooses Miyake-Mugler since they gave the best performance from the first category. As for the bottoms, it’s between Oricci and Tisci, with Father Omari representing Oricci and Simone representing Tisci. In the end, Omari wins, which deeply admires Simone, who storms off point. The judges do not take this lightly, calling out Simone’s poor sportsmanship, particularly when the other members of Tisci stood on stage due to their criticisms.

Season 2, Episode 8, “Ice Haus,” Category One

On to another episode, the next group is an all-home production focusing on poses and drops. Prices are up first, and they decide to do an African Ice Age investigation, and it’s a beautiful story with powerful presents, however, the drops could be improved on. But it’s their very best performance up to now, making a 45.

Following them is Miyake-Mugler, plus they deliver once more with a ski trip-inspired number. Not only are their layouts but they also make the illusion of these ski during an”avalanche” and deliver clean poses, becoming the only horse to earn a perfect score two in a row. Balenciaga is up next, and while they bring something fresh to the table with a Game Thrones-like functionality featuring fight choreography, Honey is known for dissing her apparel on stage, with Law Roach bringing their score down to a 46 together with his seven. Garçon also doesn’t do too well with their icicle motivated number, which is dubbed a wonderful homage to the old ways, but it is too secure, getting a 35.

Season 2, Episode 8, “Ice Haus,” Category One

The next category is”Three Fab Mice,” in which three home members must strut the runway in sync. Those given tens throughout the board will move on to round two, like always; however, the results of the first round, which sees only Miyake-Mugler with an ideal score, means there’s not any round two. This means their perfect score from Category One is currently 60, making it impossible for them to compensate for removal.

Season 2, Episode 8, “Ice Haus,” Category Three

Similar principles apply for Category Three, which will be”Team Face.” One member of the home will function face on the runway, and if they get a huge number of thousands across aboard, they move forward to round two. Unlike the previous round, each home makes it to round two, and this round starts with Oricci’s Gillette vs. Garçon’s Stasha, with the latter winning. Stasha goes against Miyake-Mugler’s Tati, together with Stasha winning; nonetheless, she’s eliminated when she goes against Balenciaga’s Kalik, making Balenciaga an extra ten points.

Season 2, Episode 8, “Ice Haus,” Elimination

With that win, Balenciaga is saved from the bottom and proceeds on to the final three. Meanwhile, with an outstanding rating of 60, Miyake-Mugler wins for a second week in a row, and in addition, they proceed to the last three. This puts Oricci and Garçon at the base, with Father Omari volunteering to go into the struggle yet again, this time against Garçon’s Egypt. It is a link between the mainstay judges, so it’s all up to guest judge Demi Lovato to choose the house that remains, sending Garçon into the top three.