Hell’s Kitchen, an American reality TV show thus based for all those foody people who are starving for drama. Gordon Ramsay is the creator of the show and enjoyed its journey with running 19 seasons in total. Ramsay is the main chef and he deal an agreement for US version, and here he can’t appear for the UK version. Apart from this, many countries have started their own versions like Brazil, Australia, Russia, Turkey and so on.

| All About Hell’s Kitchen |

The show mainly follows the format of some aspiring chefs, comes together to live and accept challenges with each other. Moreover following by the elimination round. Therefore the losing team had to do task for the dinner of their opposing team. Sometimes it seems offending, while watching the participants eating blend food waste which has been turned into smoothie. This was a technique used to punish them in their mistakes. On the other hand, the winning team can enjoy many recreational activities.

Mainly the show follows a system of dinner service which comes after the challenge round. Initially after the dinner service, an elimination round takes place, therefore the elimination team has to choose two members from that team. And then, one chef is eliminated who shares the 4th of their experience before leaving. Hence, toward the ending the contestants had to join together as a team and compete against each other.

| Host Of Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 |

The creator and host of the Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay is mostly expected to return back in this 20th season too. Renowned figure Ramsay, is not only famous for his cooking skills, but also for his temper and versatile usage of language. His language is being praised as well as criticized all around.

| Release Date |

Fans expecting to see more chefs and the food they make, the 20th season of “Hell’s Kitchen”, is likely to be release in February 2021.