The next Season of Haunted has dropped Netflix – just in time for a weekend watch.

The freaky series landed now (14th May) and we can not wait to scare ourselves silly about the real-life hauntings. The trailer is terrifying!

If you are yet to see the eery series, we advise that you do this instantly.

The Netflix Original series recalls actual life-threatening adventures, with each episode focusing on distinct stories.

Previous ghostly phenomena include a US marine who came face to face with a daemon in Afghanistan, a boy who gray upward convinced he had an evil figure called The Hangman stalking his loved ones, and a girl who keeps hearing her room-mates voices within her property.

The series – which is produced by the very same folks behind The Purge – also concentrates on additional horrifying tales, including a guy’s experience of conversion treatment and one girl who claims she had been abducted by extraterrestrial beings.

It is best to not see the series alone… or later dark.

The next series is going to be produced of six episodes – and when the trailer is anything to go by, we expect they will be terrifying.

“I need to let this particular story since I have been afraid to,” one person clarifies from the clip. “The manifestations were hitting a crescendo, it could not be included anymore.”

Meanwhile the other adds: “There was a wicked in that home… he desired blood.”

In the courthouse, it appears the season three episodes may concentrate on a satanic cult, a spooky mist, a frightening little woman as well as a frightening devil cat.

The official synopsis describes: “A frightening glimpse to the first-person accounts from those who have witnessed horrible, bizarre, extraordinary supernatural events and other unexplained phenomena which continue to haunt them.”

We have got a feeling we will fight sleeping following this one. It’s possible to capture all episodes on Netflix now.

Haunted season 4 Release date

No release date as of yet as season 3 still requires some time to glow!

Though, if we had to guess based on past seasons, then an October date could be a fairly good guess. However, with Haunted Season 3 releasing considerably sooner compared to the other two, our figure is at least as good as anyone else.

Do not fear! The moment we know a bit more about the terror series future, we will be right here to upgrade you. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to talk about season 3 of the initial string at this time just on Netflix.