Haunted Season 3 

Haunted is a horror series which have supernatural elements and can be found on Netflix. Haunted on Netflix has been successful in bringing out terror stories that have retained the audience to the edge of their chairs for nearly 2 seasons. The next season of this gripping creepy story is going to stream again.

Fans of the gruesome series will discover the new season quite soon, since season 3 will be streaming from this week on 14 May, the series hit on the streaming platform back in 2018 and gave the audiences chill and horrors from the ghost tales. The interesting aspect of this show was every incident had a new theme of terror episodes from across the world.

The series brings a chilling glimpse into the first-person accounts from those who have watched these creepy supernatural events and sometimes unexplained stories and plots still haunting them.

Fans are going to be at a delight after knowing that the new season for Haunted is set to come in May, rather than releasing it in October as previous reports indicated.

Season two of the series came in October of 2019, resulting in a long wait for those fans. The delay at the initial release was due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Haunted Season 3 

All About Haunted Season 3

About April of 17 Netflix published a preview of this new season that depicts the show by describing the events in the new season, the first narrator stated that it was important for him to tell this story because he had been afraid up until now.

Another narrator then adds there was a wicked in that home that has been there simply for blood. It has not been apparent what the new stories have in the store for many much-anticipating fans for the series, the lovers are happy to have the thrill and horror out of the much-awaited new season, with many sharing their enthusiasm about the new season.

Season three will soon have a roster of six episodes from total bringing lovers fresh scares and creatures.

The show also came out with the spin-off series called Haunted in Latin America in the March of 2021 which is also set to release in the UK soon, with the release of this season 3 trailer lovers also wished to know that if the new season will probably follow the same footsteps as the previous one, or will there by anything different.

The wait for the fans will be done together when the series hits the streaming platform on May 14, 2021.