The showrunner of Gray’s Anatomy, Krista Vernoff, has admitted that some pretty intense episodes ahead in the 17th season, even though the program has already put its viewers on a recent emotional scandal.

Then again, who would expect less from the medical drama that is known for its heartbreaking moments? As the current installment continues to air, the showrunner opened up about what’s in store for Meredith ( Ellen Pompeo ), Bailey ( Chandra Wilson ), and more.

In particular, he mentioned whether the characters and subsequently those who watch at home, will get any relief after seeing the former fight COVID-19 and the latter tragically lose their mother, among other great twists and turns.

“These were very heavy episodes and we also have some pretty intense episodes at the beginning of the year,” the showrunner confessed.

In the same way, Vernoff stressed that they had started filming the Grey’s Anatomy season in April 2020, but that thanks to the unforeseen they were doing what they could due to the interference caused by the pandemic.

“What that means is that we have to find our hope and our joy and our positive side and our humor and our sensuality and our romance within the parameters that 2020 offered us,” Vernoff revealed.

Also, the showrunner admitted that she was hoping that we can depoliticize this so that we can all take care of ourselves, others, and health workers referring to the current global situation.

For this precise reason, it does not mean that Vernoff sees the most heartbreaking stories of the exit as lacking in light. On the other hand, one of the ways Grey’s Anatomy is helping with that is by living inside the pandemic rather than jumping into an idealized post-pandemic world.