Meredith Grey’s story on Grey’s Anatomy has been particularly difficult to watch after succumbing to the horrible virus before she was put on a fan at the end of episode 6.

In a season of Grey’s Anatomy that will examine the many formative connections within Meredith’s life as she battles the virus, the absence of Cristina Yang, the god of cardio, and Meredith, would be particularly apparent.

Of course, the inclusions of the deceased Derek and George are meant to highlight the severity of Meredith’s condition on Grey’s Anatomy, so a return made by Cristina (who is very much alive) may not be entirely comparable.

While Cristina Yang has been mentioned in passing during subsequent seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, the show has never been able to pull off the on-screen return of the fan-favorite character.

On the other hand, not bringing Cristina Yang back for a season of Grey’s Anatomy that promises to bolster Meredith’s relationships shown throughout the show’s long run would certainly feel like a missed opportunity.

Not having such a popular and monumental character as Cristina Yang would certainly be a loss. While it is moving to see Meredith connect with George and Derek again, they are personifications of her past trauma and pain on Grey’s Anatomy.

Which she has overcome with incredible strength and the help of the community that surrounds her. And, since the inception of Grey’s Anatomy, that sense of community has been embodied in her “persona,” Cristina Yang.

There may be some logistical issues when it comes to coordinating Sandra Oh’s return, but with Meredith’s ultimate fate in question, she may be more secure in the capable hands of Grey’s Anatomy’s Cristina Yang.