Fox’s series finale is tasked with tying up loose ends and setting the stage for the Bat-adventure to get underway, even if that adventure takes place off-screen.

Sadly, the stars of Gotham will leave their characters behind barring the unlikely announcement of a sequel series or the surprise of season 6. Several of the actors who made Gotham as fun as it was made talked about the ending and what they will miss. the majority.

David Mazouz

When Gotham was released in 2014, David Mazouz was a 13-year-old boy tasked with playing the young version of the man who would become one of the most iconic superheroes in the history of the genre.

At the time, it was hard to say how he could handle Bruce Wayne in the long run or even if he would hit the proper growth periods to make it believable that he would become Batman.

David Mazouz wasted no time proving that he could deliver nuance as Bruce Wayne and action as the future Batman, and the series finale gave Mazouz the opportunity to wear the hood as the Dark Knight.

Despite the episode skipping ten years into the future. The time jump resulted in a recast Selina Kyla; Mazouz stayed behind to play the older version of his character.

Ben McKenzie

Gotham may have been the origin story of Bruce Wayne turning into Batman, but the true main character of the series was always Jim Gordon, turned cop started out as someone who wasn’t willing to compromise on his principles.

Although he became someone who understood that protecting and serving in Gotham City meant breaking the rules at times, it got to the point where he simply recognized Riddler’s tricks as something in Gotham.

Actor Ben McKenzie crafted a Jim Gordon different from others who have hit the big and small screen before, and not just because he didn’t wear Jim Gordon’s iconic mustache, with only a couple of exceptions (one of which was in the finale. ).

Cameron Monaghan

Who could have guessed in season 1 that guest star Cameron Monaghan would go on to play not one but two of Gotham’s most iconic villains?

He was the show’s perfect candidate to become the Joker from the moment he let out his terrifying, perfect laugh as Jerome Valeska, and it only got better when Jerome’s secret twin brother Jeremiah was transformed into Valeska’s new villain.

Jeremiah got just about everything but the Joker name in season 5, including dipping into the bright green tub at Ace Chemicals after a fight with Bruce Wayne. And that wasn’t even his last chance to play a Joker-style baddie!