The lives of Callie and Mariana in Los Angeles are just about to begin. These girls have a lot on their plates, between finding out their professional and their personal sides when trying to learn how to adult. At least, with their friends and newfound family who also live with them at The Coterie, they have some support.

The prospects of the third season to come are on a definite note, as if the second cycle of the show, the Freeform had declared for it long before the completion. The production of Good Trouble Season 3 began early, but things took off because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the scheme was stopped, but now we have some shut-down sources that very soon the creation of Season 3 will be started again.

Cast Of Good Trouble Season 3

  • In this series, there were so many actors who had a part to play.
  • The role of Maia Mitchell is played by Callie Adams Foster.
  • The role of Mariana Adams Foster is played by Cierra Ramirez.
  • The role of Malika Williams is played by Zuri Adele.
  • The role of Alice Kwan is played by Sherry Cola.
  • The role of Gael Martinez is played by Tommy Martinez.
  • Roger Bart plays the part of Curtis Wilson, the prosecutor.
  • The role of Davia Boheme is played by Emma Hunton.
  • The role of Dennis Cooper is played by Josh Pence.
  • The role of Jamie Hunter is played by Beau Mirchoff.

Release Date Of Good Trouble Season 3

It was originally supposed to air in this summer 2020, but due to the pandemic it could not happen, now the development is expected to start again, allowing us to see Season 3 in the beginning months of the coming year 2021.

Plot Of Season 3

In every season of the show, there was always a good storyline. The third season will also follow in the same way. Right before the initial stage of the pandemic that they would be carrying out in the third season, the writers had different plans in store. The seasons season second half will be about the pandemic, but not the whole season will reveal it according to Jenna Johnson’s latest interview.