Gary Cole officially joins the boardNCISseason 19, but not Mark Harmon’s Gibbs. The CBS series will return for another 18 seasons of the crime drama. The upcoming season will shift from Tuesday nights to Monday evenings at 9 pm. ET. This will mark the first time in series history that the series has had to change its time slot.NCISwill plays right before the spin-off series NCIS: Hawai’i.

Season 18 is the last season for Jack Sloane and Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham), who were series regulars. Gibbs, Gibbs’ boss, has been suspended indefinitely. The series ends with him pretending to die while trying to find a suspect. Many fans have been wondering how much he’ll be in season 19.

TVLine has learned that Gary Cole is part of the NCIS cast. But, not to replace Gibbs. Cole will be playing FBI Special Agent Alden Park. This character will continue to appear on NCIS. Harmon will still appear on the show, though his involvement will be limited. CBS has confirmed that Katrina Law will reprise her role as Special Agent Jessica Knight in the upcoming season. Continue reading to see the statement by Steven D. Binder NCISshowrunner:

“We haven’t shot a single frame yet, but with Gary Cole and Katrina Law joining the cast, this is already shaping to be one the best seasons yet.” Season 19 will bring new characters and stories to the show that will enrich and reenergize our world of 400+ episodes.

News that Cole had been an interest for CBS’s show spread quickly. Fans were curious as to the character’s future direction, which is still a mystery. Cole is an exceptional actor. He received a Primetime Emmy nod for HBO’s hilarious Veep. Cole has kept up his roles on series like Mixed-ish (The Good Fight), Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, and Family Guy. He is a good actor and can portray a character as FBI Special Agent Park in Veep. Although the HBO series features a lot more comedy, he’s a good fit to play NCIS.

Harmon was said to be ready to end his relationship with CBS, but he decided against it after learning that the CBS show would likely be canceled. CBS clearly anticipates future changes due to the show’s shift in the time slot, Gibbs limited inclusion, and a shift in character focus. Perhaps there is less faith.NCIS the lead into ‘longevity is moving forwardness Hawai’iThe network can use this opportunity to get some bleed. CBS remains confident in the overall outcome.NCISuniverse, as has the network shown that have been renewed in the franchise includeNCIS Los Angeles. Cole is a valuable addition to this cast. Only time will tell if Gibbs’ limited involvement will impact viewers’ interest.