The Servizio (Sergas) performs, among other tests to detect cases of Covid-19, a rectal test that’s reserved for seriously hospitalized people with “high airway compromise”, also as newborns or patients with “little collaboration” or in “agitated situation”.This has been confirmed by sources from the Department of Health to Europa Press, who have explained that in Galicia the technique of obtaining the sample to work out coronavirus infection is run “in a usual way” with nasopharyngeal samples “mostly”.However, an equivalent sources have specified that within the case of critically ill hospitalized patients, “with high airway compromise, or on mechanical ventilation, it may” be indicated to urge the sample rectally .

It also reserves the utilization of this test for newborns “given the matter of holding the child’s head and thus the peculiarities of the anatomy of the airway”, also as for patients “with little collaboration or situations of agitation”, to which He adds that for people with certain psychiatric pathologies “this alternative might be said. Sanidad has acknowledged that the utilization of this test by rectal route has occurred “since the start of the pandemic, without there being any recent procedural change” within the Galician Community.