Another company that can’t fight the coronavirus. Epic Games I had already stopped eSports from Fortnite in 2020 due to the pandemic and it looks like this will continue into 2021 as well.

Just a few hours ago, Valve announced that the upcoming CS: GO Major in 2021 has been canceled. Now it’s the turn of Epic Games, who have announced to their community that the entire 2021 competitive schedule has been canceled, including the World Cup.

“With so much uncertainty over what’s practical and safe, we don’t plan to host any face-to-face events in 2021, including the Fortnite World Cup. We will continue to offer online competitions throughout 2021 in the hope that physical events, in a way, may return in the future, ”he explains in his statement.

They haven’t found a way to prioritize the health of organizers and professional players. “We intend to once again host face-to-face world events, but our priority for these events is the health and safety of players and staff,” adds the official announcement.

League of Legends, on the other hand, is gearing up for the return of all competitive leagues and it has already been confirmed that the 2021 Worlds, the World Cup, will be played in Wuhan, China.

League of Legends: 2021 Worlds, World Cup, to be played in Wuhan according to reports

Riot Games has demonstrated to have a global rollout to host its League of Legends World Cup. Only two teams were excluded from the competition due to issues with their flight to China.

According to reports, the Shanghai local government has worked with the developer to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. After almost a month of closing the event, no incidents were reported.

Well, once the 2020 Worlds are over, it has been confirmed that the next World Cup will also be held in China.

Interestingly, the location was chosen for the event in Wuhan, the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Medium Esports Observer claims that the elimination stage will take place in this city and that the first phase of the 2021 Worlds may be distributed in other cities in China.

This city has already hosted the League of Legends World Cup, especially in 2017, when the initial phase was played.

How did the 2020 World Cup go despite the coronavirus?

A few weeks ago, this newspaper contacted Riot Games to explain how they organized the 2020 Worlds despite the pandemic. Nicolás Yentzen, esports and player management team at Riot Games, responded to the following.

“He makes a bubble similar to the NBA. All teams undergo another test upon arrival in China, and then they are transferred to a first hotel which is run by a medical facility, where all assistants will spend 14 days in fully isolated quarantine, sort of monitoring their state of health. constant.”