When looking at the photos of the Ford Bronco Ultra4 4400, one has at first the feeling of seeing a radio-controlled car. But at the moment you realize that it is an impressive real car, in this case, developed by Ford and with the name Bronco, although we do not believe that the 4×4 that is sold with a three- and five-door bodywork has more than the name, and who knows if some screw.

The fact is that when you see it, one imagines being Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson), the protagonist of Mad Max, while driving such a bug he manages to hunt down the madmen with their cars desperately looking for gasoline. The setting in which the three units of the Bronco Ultra4 4400 will shoot is in any case very similar to the one in the film: the arid Johnson Valley, in California (USA), where it will be held from February 2 to 6 the King of the Hammers, one of the craziest, wild, extreme and spectacular races that are disputed on the face of the earth. The test consists of 145 km routes that combine desert sands that the cars cross at full speed, along with rocky and trailers routes of an almost impossible difficulty that require brutal 4×4 capacity and great skill on the part of the drivers.

To give us even more desire to participate in this madness, the Bronco Ultra4 4400 are included in an Unlimited category (without limit) Yes, just knowing that a car is called that already makes you want to drive it. But the truth is that in this class, which is the premier category of the competition (modified cars on series models also participate, but they do not monopolize even a tenth of prominence), freedom is not total, you have to maintain the necessary attributes that guarantee the safety of the rider, and logic dictates that tubular chassis and shock absorbers with exaggerated travels be used. But there is absolute freedom in terms of the aforementioned chassis, tires, and engines. Nothing more is needed.

Regarding the engines, Ford has not disclosed its data, but it is known that the leading models deliver even more than 800 hp and the oval firm will go there to win. In fact, Loren Healey and Jason Scherer, two of the three drivers who will make Ford’s cars ‘fly’ over the desert, have already each won this wild race three times.

In the United States, this race has millions of followers who will go online to see the Broncos in action and the total of 450 teams that will start. This February 2 is qualifying (in Spain it will be at night) and the race itself will begin on February 6. If you fancy spending Saturday night watching the wild Ford Bronco and other contestants in action instead of the classic romantic flick with your partner, you can follow it at