Final Space Season 4 Release Date, Cast And Plot
Final Space Season 4 Release Date, Cast And Plot

Over its two-season run on Cartoon Network’s night-shift channel, Adult Swim, Olan Rogers and David Sacks’ “Final Space” has provided plenty of laughs along with tension for viewers since debuting on TBS in 2018. With its third season starting in June and continuing through July, fans have already begun to speculate as to the fates of the protagonists Gary Goodspeed and Mooncake (both voiced by Rogers), as well as the mystery of the titular Final Space.

A passionate and committed following for this animated series is often praised for its excellent animation, playfulness mixed with profound moments, and stellar voice actors, including David Tennant, Tom Kenny, Clara O’Brien, and Ron Perlman.

Here’s everything we know about Season 4 of “Final Space,” including its release date, cast, and plot, even though we do not know much yet.

Final Space Season 4 Release Date, Cast And Plot
Final Space Season 4 Release Date, Cast And Plot

Final Space Season 4 Release Date

It is not clear at this point whether “Final Space” will end after this third season, but judging from the current season’s record, we probably won’t have long to wait to find out. Following the first season’s conclusion, they announced a second season the same day, and they announced the third season a week after the second season finale. So they may well announce the following season not long after the third season concludes on June 6, perhaps on the same day.

We can look to precedent to get a general idea of when to watch the fourth season. Season 1 premiered May 7, 2018; Season 2 premiered June 24, 2019. Thus, there was a little over a year between the first and second seasons. The third season didn’t premiere until March 20, 2021, making the wait less than 18 months. The second season concluded on September 23, 2019, but we won’t see Season 3 until September 23, 2019. However, we can likely attribute the delay to COVID-19. This means a fourth season is likely to arrive within the first half of 2022.

Final Space Season 4 Cast

In the absence of confirmation, we would undoubtedly be unable to provide an official cast list. Still, based on what information we do have, we can make a few educated guesses.

Because the series doesn’t follow anyone timeline, even death is not a sure way to guarantee that a character won’t return. Therefore, however, the season ends, be ready for anything to happen in Season 4.

Gary Goodspeed is expected to return as the series’ protagonist alongside Olan Rogers and the voices of several supporting characters. Other mainstays we’ve heard voice multiple characters include Tom Kenny (HUE, SAMES), Fred Armisen (KVN, Eduardo), Tika Sumpter (Quinn Ergon, Nightfall) and Steven Yeun (Little Cato, Mr Graven), voicing a collective total of 48 characters. However, IMDb’s “additional voices” suggest the actual number may be much higher when including random characters.

Final Space Season 4 Plot

We have a few ideas for Season 4 while the third season continues, but since it’s still in progress, it’s hard to predict what we’ll see.

“Survival” has been a recurring theme through Season 3, as the characters find themselves stuck inside the actual Final Space itself. With some characters surviving season 2, it may be more likely that season 3 plays off these themes with more empowered characters, who use what they’ve learned about Final Space and the universe to avenge fallen heroes and hunt down Invictus. In the Season 3 finale, we are also teased with the reveal of secrets that will forever alter the Team Squad, so whatever the changes are, we’ll have to adjust to them when Season 4 arrives.

Each Saturday at 10:30 p.m. ET, “Final Space” airs ET on Adult Swim. HBO Max in the United States provides streaming of the first two seasons.