Fear Street Part 4

Fear Street completed its trilogy. This revealed the curse that has haunted Shadyside and Shadyside for centuries. But is this the real end?

Fear Street Part 3 Part 3: 1666 ended with a surprise as fans saw the widow’s spellbook being taken by someone. Shadyside likely took the book from someone with knowledge about what it could accomplish, namely to make a deal for the Devil to get whatever you want.

heard from Leigh Janiak (director and co-wrote all three movies) that the credits scene wasn’t just for fans. They also have “ideas” about how Fear Street could go beyond this trilogy.

Janiak’s vision is to transform the series into a horror version of the MCU. Janiak has a lot of sources material in RL Stine’s books and a way of spinning out from the original story from the trilogy.

IndieWire was told by her, “One of the things I talked about before being hired was that there was potential here for horror Marvel, where you could have slasher murderers from lots of different times.”

“You have the canon that we have of our main mythology. This is based on the fact that Shadyside is home to the devil. So there’s still room for everything else. I hope that people like it enough that [more] can be built. Then we can begin to think about what other trilogies we could make, what standalone we could do, and what television would look like.

“I don’t think of it like TV or movies anymore. That’s the best thing about Netflix and Fear Street. It’s a mix of new things. I am excited about what else could happen.

Each part has been Netflix’s most-watched movie globally within the weekend of its release. So it appears from the outside that Fear Street was a huge success for the streaming platform.

We are unable to locate actual viewing numbers so we’ll have to wait to hear from Netflix about how the trilogy was received. They must wait to see if anyone watched the trilogy after each movie was released.

Netflix has not yet confirmed this, but it is possible to speculate on Fear Street Part 4 if that happens.

Fear Street Part 4

Fear Street Part 4 release date

Netflix has not yet revealed plans to make a fourth Fear Street film or a new trilogy. These movies were so successful, it is only natural that Netflix would continue to make movies about R.L. Stine’s Fear Street Books. We need it to be!

Netflix could order more Fear Street films, but it will likely take quite some time before we can see them on Netflix. It takes a long time for these to happen, and it takes time to go through every phase of production.

Although it is a rough estimate this would indicate that the fall of 2022 will be the earliest we can see another Fear Street film or the next trilogy. This is how we estimate a launch date.

There are many things you need to get right for this to happen. And as we’ve seen with production around the world, there are still difficulties and protocols due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This could slow things down.

There would likely be a two-year gap before the next Fear Street flick, which would take place in the summer of 2023.