Fear Street Part 4

The Fear Street is the latest hit on Netflix There have been three entries to this series of movies. They released them simultaneously on Fridays, the first Fear Street 1994, second 1978, and then finally 1666. Horror fans are now asking: Is Fear Street 4 due for release and how many parts? We’ll explain.

Will Fear Street Part 4 be on Netflix in 2021?

Unfortunately, the Fear Street Saga is not being expanded beyond the already well-received trilogy. Fans hoping for Fear Street Part 4 have to be patient because there are no plans for any additional entries.

It is very disappointing news that Fear Street Part 4 is not happening. Leigh Janiak, a director, and cast member has stated that they are up for more horror films.

Janiak specifically mentioned that she would like to adopt a 1950s slasher flick. She also mentioned that she would like a Fear Street Part 4 title, or whatever it may be, to feature another possible entry about The Milkman, also known under Harry Rooker.

It seems highly unlikely that Fear Street: Part 4 will ever arrive before 2021. It is unlikely that they will ever approve it.

Fear Street Part 4

How many parts is the Fear Street series?

Fear Street’s trilogy includes three parts. A fourth part could also be in the works. It could be a sequel to the series or something entirely new. The future of the series remains unknown.

There is some good news for those wanting more, as, director Leigh Janiak discussed the potential plot of a Fear Street 4. She mentioned that she would be interested in exploring the Milkman Slasher character. His reign of terror was set in the 1950s. This time could easily be explored in a future sequel, especially if the director is interested.

It is also important to remember that the movies are based upon R.L. Stine’s book series has the same title. There are over 50 books in Fear Street and many more in spin-offs. This means that even if more movies are coming out, there will still be plenty of options. We will, however, have to live with the three movies we already own.