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You’ve set up your Facebook Page, and you have a clear idea of the value you can bring to your targeted audience, but now you need to discover Facebook User Hidden Interests and connect with them. These people are not only interested in your product or service; they are also interested in what you can offer to them. But how do you know who they are? You will benefit from considering Facebook users’ hidden interests to run your campaign effectively. Here’s what you need to know about Facebook users’ hidden interests.

#1: Find your target group

The first step in any social media marketing campaign is finding your target group. But you can’t just go with your gut instinct; you’ll have a much better chance of finding your ideal customer if you look for more specific information about them than simply gender and age, like education level, relationship status and job title. If it’s been a while since you’ve updated yourself on market research, now’s a good time.

#2: Identify the interests of your target group

Though you may know your target audience from a demographic perspective, knowing their interests enables you to make a more personal connection with them. Do some research on what your users like on Facebook and Twitter, or do a survey using SurveyMonkey. Determine which pages and hashtags they’re interested in. Hashtags are often used by brands as well as fans—meaning that if someone is interested in a certain topic, they’ll use a specific hashtag when they post something related to it on social media. Knowing what’s relevant will help you create effective campaigns that cater directly to your target group’s needs.

#3: Go after the broad interest groups first

Facebook allows you to target users based on interest groups, but if you have little money, we recommend starting off with a broad list. Look for topics that you are familiar with and advertise based on those topics. For example, if you know a lot about running, then advertise your services using general running-related interests. Later on, as your campaign gains traction and your budget grow, add more fine-tuned categories like running for weight loss or how I train for a marathon. This way you can expand without spending all of your money at once.

#4: Avoid wasting your money on irrelevant audiences

If you’re looking to target a wide audience, look at Facebook’s Affinity Categories and choose one that you know your customers will fall into. Some of them may be pretty broad—like Older Women in Florida—but if you can relate with most of their attributes, then target those people. For example, if you have products for women over 50 who are married and have kids, then narrow it down further by choosing Married Women with Children in Florida. If someone doesn’t fit into at least one category on your list, they won’t see your ad. This is a huge money saver! Choose wisely!