Elite, the Spanish thriller-teen drama that broke many records in previous seasons, is back and ready to entertain you again. The series is set in Las Encinas (a fictional elite secondary school) and follows three working-class students as they interact with their wealthy peers. It was instantly a success thanks to the ensemble cast. Let’s now discuss the fourth season.

Release Date: Elite Season 4

The wait and speculations are over. The show is now available for streaming on Netflix18 June 2021. Be prepared to binge-watch it.

Elite Season 4: What Will It Be About

You can see from the trailer that the series will have a lot to do with hookups and a lot of content for adults. The characters open up about their heterosexuality giving it a new dimension.

Elite Season 4: No. Of Episodes

Elite Season 4 will consist of eight episodes, as with all previous seasons.

Trailer for Elite Season 4,

See the trailer for Elite Season here:

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