A press conference with various media outlets to speak with WWE Hall of Famer and men’s Royal Rumble winner The Rated-R Superstar Edge. In it, the Canadian-born fighter has commented on the participation of his friend Christian in the royal battle, as well as his new goals for 2021 and the difference between this year’s victory and that of 2010. One of the stories we saw at the Royal Rumble was Christian’s return. What did sharing that moment mean to you? Can we see a new run in pairs now that it seems that both of you are active?

Herein lies the most beautiful part where wrestling can function at its purest level. And that’s when you have reality and truth and true emotions that cannot be manufactured, that cannot be written, that cannot be scripted. So The look you see on my face as Christian came down the ramp was real. That was me being so glad we were both at the Rumble in 2021 after we were both told we couldn’t do this again. The crowd was proud because he knew how hard he had worked to get to the point of being discharged, which was evident just by looking at him.

There were many emotions at that moment and in that look because I knew that they had been discharged for a while and I knew all those things, but when it is happening and you are in the moment, that is when you receive everything you have felt during that last time to go back out and see it through the screen and that’s wonderful. I would love to return as a couple. I think at some point it must happen because there are many opportunities there, like seeing Edge and Christian against The Usos, The New Day, Ziggler and Roode, The Street Profits, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins. There are things out there.

Seeing you make your debut again at last year’s Royal Rumble was amazing. Obviously, you had a lot of planned goals that you couldn’t do. Have you kept them for this year or do you have new goals for 2021? It’s almost like starting over with that triceps injury in Backlash. There are things you can’t write down and, as I said before, that’s when the best, the real, the truth, can’t be filtered in any story. that’s what is going to work the most. I wanted to fight Randy Orton when he got back. I needed to know what shape he was in and for me, Randy is the right size to know what shape you are in. We have chemistry, we have history and I knew that I had to start there, but I also knew after that that there was a great ocean of new opponents and new stories and that’s super exciting.

What this injury has given me is this story where after 11 years from the day I won the Royal Rumble, he won it again. The second night of WrestleMania was 10 years after I announced my retirement. You can’t plan that kind of thing. I didn’t realize all of this until the fans started telling me on social media and I realized that all of these were happy accidents. Change the narrative because those are situations that should not have happened if I had stood behind Backlash and had not injured myself. So you have to see the bright side, right? I tore my triceps. That sucked, but now I see this set of new opportunities and new reality and it is truly exciting.

So I think I re-ordered my goals a bit, but that’s where I wanted to go. Only that it has been a different way to get there because of the injury. What has it been like physically to prepare to come back and win the Rumble and be on RAW the next night?

It’s definitely been tough, there’s no question about it. But there’s one thing about me you’ll know and that is that I don’t do things by halves. My first real comeback match was at Backlash against Randy Orton. I think it was 50 minutes or something. like this. The first night after tearing my triceps in that match I’m fighting for 1 hour, and half an hour the next night. I think that’s what I do, but I paid for it, I’m not going to lie to you. I’m downright sore. No However, I must say that I have been sorer and when I think about the operations that I have had and those kinds of things I feel like I should feel worse than I do. That makes sense. I will keep going to the gym and moving my butt. be so bad, right?

How has the feeling of winning this Royal Rumble been compared to the one you won in 2010?

so I’m keeping all these things that aren’t supposed to happen to me and I’m really absorbing them. I was in shock in 2010, don’t get me wrong, but this is very different. It’s so deep now because of the last decade of having to do this again and have me back. In the meantime, I hope I can release my wisdom and experience. That’s what this business is about. This one is much more special.