Is a world filled with more robots and fewer people better than the one people live in today? The plot of Eden is very much similar to this. The first season of Eden is that the first-ever Original Japanese arcade on Netflix. In addition, the first season just featured four episodes which were 25 minutes long. The anime has gained positive reception from critics.

The series is based on a dystopian future where humanity is almost forgotten as it’s dominated by machines. The fundamental character of the anime is Sara Grace who is increased by A37 and E92, maintenance droids. Apparently, the droid found the girl within a hibernation pod. The series did showcase an excellent premise but the first season had limited episodes.

Eden Season 2: When Will The Second Season Of The Anime Release?

The streaming giant is to announce confirmation of the second season. Justin Leach, the founder of Eden has come up with some remarks on social websites that have made the fans hopeful. Leach launch a Tweet by asking after several fans sought the revival status and the release date of the next season.

On Netflix, the resurrection of this Original Animated show is entirely dependent on viewership evaluations on the streaming services. Moreover, if individuals tune in more and more to see Eden then following a stage of saturation, Netflix will renew the series.

Even if Netflix announces the launch of season two, then the animation studio will take quite a while for creation. The second season may premiere in 2022 as per speculations.

Eden Season 2: Cast

For whatever the show’s future grip, it is unclear who’ll be cast next for the next season. Netflix has put effort into building a cast of ensemble actors in the first season.

On the other hand, the fans cannot imagine who’d be returning for the second season. Tennant, Dawson, and Ruby Rose Turner are most likely to be back for the second season.