Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1 has eventually proved and the audience has shared its take on it. The first episode of the brand-new season starts with the funeral and Fallon is paying her regard for somebody. However, the showrunners are yet to reveal whose funeral is being attended by the Carrington family. In addition, Cristal’s connection with Blake also reaches a pivotal point at the start of this new year. So, what exactly did the audience consider Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1? Find out below.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1: Audience Review

American TV play Dynasty has started the reign of its fourth season. The series primarily revolves around the Carrington family members and their high-profile resides. But their lives are as energetic as Fallon’s wardrobe on the series. The show’s Season 4 Episode starts off six months after the events which were presented in Dynasty Season 3.

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1 was titled,’ This Unfortunate Dinner’. The title rightly suits the events that unfold throughout the dinner. As mentioned earlier, the episode begins with Fallon Carrington paying her respects to somebody’s funeral. The episode revealed that Fallon, Blake, Cristal, Liam, Laura, etc. are certainly not the ones in the casket.

However, the showrunners are yet to reveal whose funeral the family attended. Hence as new episodes of this series are published every Friday, the secret identity of this dead person is going to be revealed. Moreover, there is a lot more drama that happened after the funeral. Starting off with Liam’s mum Laura entering the lifestyles of the Carrington’s amidst Liam and Fallon’s wedding being postponed for several reasons.

Moving on, Cristal and Blake’s connection has reached a pivotal moment. Cristal’s affair with Father Collins is revealed. This revelation takes place in Fallon and Liam’s rehearsal dinner. When confronted by Blake, Cristal reveals that she knows about Laura Van Kirk and him. The first episode itself sets the tone for the upcoming episodes. Therefore, what will the audience have to say about it?

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1: Twitter review

Dynasty Season 4 Episode 1 presented Fallon and Liam as more powerful than ever. Many enthusiasts agreed with this and couldn’t help but ship #Falliam. In the episode, Adam also comes clean about his past offenses to Kirby. This moment was enjoyed by means of a fan further delivery #Kadam. One fan couldn’t help but discuss the rehearsal dinner scene where Cristal’s affair with Father Collins and Blake’s affair with Liam’s mum comes to the limelight. Have a peek at all these responses below.