Perhaps not all fans of Maze Runner and Teen Wolf know that Dylan O’Brien risked not playing Thomas in the film saga, due to his haircut. The news may seem bizarre, but the actor almost missed one of the most important roles in his life.

In an old interview with Collider, Dylan O’Brien talked about this event that almost destroyed his chances of starring in Maze Runner, for a so futile reason. According to director Wes Ball, the actor’s haircut was not right for playing Thomas, and the photos that were sent to him with that precise hairstyle almost made him give up.

Fortunately, things went a different way, thanks to the shots taken by Teen Wolf. In the rest of the interview, Dylan O’Brien talked about his ability to run very fast, a fundamental skill for playing the sprinter Thomas.

But what is Dylan O’Brien working on now? Where will we see him again soon?