Dirty money is a Netflix original documentary that reveals stories of inconceivable corporate corruptions. The audience has been incredibly fascinated with the docuseries which has a gripping effect on them. After, successfully releases of season 1 (premiered on 26 January, 2018) and season 2 (premiered on 11th March 2020) there are talks going on for a new season to be launched soon by Netflix.

This docuseries is created by Alex Gibney who is an Oscar award – winning documentary film maker, also the show has an incredible rating of Rotten Tomatoes( 100%)  and IMDB rating of 8.1 which leaves no questions for the fans of the show not watch it.  Dirty Money exposes the public-looting greed of corporates


Each episode of the show narrates individual stories of different real time security frauds, corporate corruptions and company related scams. It showcases interviews of different chieftains of fraudulent organizations in each story.

Season 1 had six episodes namely;

  1. “Hard NOx”

The first episode talks about the Emmisiongate scandal of Volkswagen which was also known as Dieselgate scandal, it dealt with EPA issuing a notice of violation to German automobile maker Volkswagen under the Clean Air Act as their automobiles produced highly toxic Nitrogen Oxides but somehow passed the pollution tests using turbocharged direct injections.

  1. “Payday”

This episode elucidated the story of Scott Tucker a convicted loan shark and former business man who created the payday loans scandal.

  1. “Cartel Bank”

This episode showcases the money laundering scam of the HSBC bank to  Sinaloa Cartel, Hezbollah and many others.

  1. “The Maple Syrup Heist”

The Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist scandal is deciphered in this episode.

  1. “The Confidence Man”

This episode deals with billionaire Donald Trump and the scams related to his corporation.

Season 2 further showcases different corruption scandals in six episodes:

  1. “The Wagon Wheel”
  2. “The Man at the Top”
  3. “Slumlord Millionaire”
  4. “Dirty Gold”
  5. “Guardians, Inc.”
  6. “Point Comfort”

The Release date for Season 3

Season 1 and 2 left an enthralling impact on the fans and they are eagerly awaiting for another season of incredible exposes of vile entrepreneurs.

As of now, season 3 of ‘Dirty Money’ has not been officially announced yet by Netflix, keeping in mind the current situation, the new season is likely to release in late 2021.