Did Chad Michael Murray have plastic surgery or not a few years ago? Here is his response.

As surprising as it may seem, Chad Michael Murray was far from assuming his look during the Scott Brothers era. Yes, even if the 39-year-old actor has been considered a true sex symbol since his appearance in the cult series, he is still embarrassed by his appearance during his television debut. While many would agree that Chad is one of the sexiest men in Hollywood, one detail of his physique, in particular, has raised a lot of questions: his nose. According to the rumors which circulated at one time, the interpreter of Lucas Scott would have succumbed to the call of the scalpel while benefiting from a rhinoplasty.

Neither one nor two, Chad Michael Murray denied the rumor in 2004 during an interview where he says that an unfortunate event was actually at the origin of the fracture of his nose and therefore of his stay in the hospital which had raised questions: “I was taken to task in a Burger King when I was 18 and my nose ended up on the other side of my face. There were three guys, what the hell What should I do? The doctors didn’t even bother to do x-rays. They just put it back in. It wasn’t rhinoplasty, I hate that people say it was a !”. At least, it’s clear! Elsewhere in the news, it is rumored that Chad Michael Murray would have fired an actor from the Brothers Scott out of jealousy in addition to being unbearable on the set of the series.