Debris is an American science fiction television series created by J.H. Wayman and premiered on March 1, 2021 on NBC. The series starring Jonathan Tucker has a total of 10 episodes with each lasting for approximately 42-43 minutes. The series has attracted people towards itself because of its own science fiction genre and also the relation with alien stories. People have always been fascinated by stories related to aliens and into the genre of science fiction. Hence, this series was bound to attract a lot of viewers. Since the day of its launch, the show has 6.5 ratings on IMDb and 72% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Debris Season 2 Release Date

Although the fans are awaiting confirmation over the show’s renewal status, there isn’t any official update about the recommission. Neither NBC nor the founder cum author J.H.Wyman gave us fans any clues about expanding the series into another year.

Though two episodes are yet to be streamed online, it is not fresh for NBC to rekindle the TV displays before broadcasting the season finales. For instance, The Is Us, the notable family play, was immediately renewed for a second and third season even prior to the season finale airing. Thus, keep your hopes up and wait patiently.

The casts of Debris Season 2

1. Jonathan Tucker as Bryan Beneventi

2. Rian Steele as Finola Jones

3. Norbert Leo Butz as Craig Maddox

4. Scroobius Pip as Anson Ash

5. Anajali Jay as Priya Ferris

6. Gabrielle Ryan as Dee Dee

7. Sebastian Roche as Brill

8. Thomas Cadrot as Tomorrow

9. Tyrone Benskin as George Jones

10. Armin Karame as Brandt

Debris Season 2 Trailer

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