DeadPool 3

Deadpool, this is an stranger movie brought on screen by Marvel studios for the first time in 2016. Even though this movie is all about superheroes fighting against bad people but the uniqueness which made this movie different is its comedy. Having comedy in an action film that too in an Marvel movie was a unique attempt , but the storyline and the mesmerizing performance of Ryan Reynolds as dead pool won the hearts of all Marvel fans and also appreciation from critics, though this movie had A certification in many countries its last two parts were blockbuster in the category.

Will Deadpool 3 release ?

Deadpool 1 and 2 both were successful movies, even though 2 different directors directed these but the continuity in the story, excellent storytelling, screenplay and cast made this possible.
In December 2019 director of Deadpool 2 David Leiteh announced official Deadpool 3 but due to some conflicts the news got abandoned, since then now crew from neither form marvel studios nor Disney brought any latest news regarding Deadpool 3.

Will Deadpool die in 3rd parts?

As per the story from Deadpool first part everyone got clear that Deadpool is kind of immortal, he got regeneration ability, we already saw many brutal scenes in both the parts were even he was tore in 2 parts but later he came back by fixing himself into normal, this seen and many other seen we saw last 2 parts celery represent that Deadpool is immortal, but can’t predict in Deadpool 3 we might see some attempts to kill him and might also get successful, but in order to get the perfect conclusion for this we must wait till Deadpool 3 goes one screen

When will Deadpool 3 release

In December 2019 director of Deadpool 2 David Leiteh gave an official statement regarding Deadpool 3, though he haven’t given any date of release but he confirmed that Deadpool 3 will start its shooting soon, but later due to several reasons this project took a back step, and now this pandemic will be big drawback for this movie, however this movie might for another year to start . So fans need to wait until 2020 for Deadpool 2 to go onscreen. And to get latest news one should wait for few more months