One of the most popular series on CBS, Criminal Minds or Criminals Minds, showed us one of the actresses who went unpunished after committing a crime without any problem, which was Elle Greenaway.

In the previous Criminal Minds note, we talked to you about the statements Thomas Gibson gave after his controversial firing from CBS, after 11 seasons.

Actress Lola Gluadini played the character of Elle Greenaway, from the beginning of the series and during season 1, but her role did not last long on the series because of this.

Elle Greenaway was an excellent sex crime agent, but during season 1 she was shot by a criminal in her apartment, leaving her in disrepair.

But the character returns for the second season and is dedicated to looking for the man who shot him, once he finds him, he murders him in cold blood, planting false evidence to make the whole team believe, that it was in self-defense. But this is the reality of the actress’s departure.

“He didn’t like living in Los Angeles to film the episodes so he moved to the East Coast, New York.”

The producer of the series, states that the actress left the series during the second season in episode 6, because she did not like living in the city of Los Angeles to film the episodes, so she moved to the East Coast in New York.