Cobra Kai returned to the Netflix screen and generated a revolution mainly in Latin America. The series ranks among the most viewed and receives accolades of all kinds. Among them are his combat scenes, which achieved a key realism for the plot. Hiro Koda, the stunt coordinator told how they were filmed and revealed the problem they had on the set because the kids were too good at karate.

The collaborator who was also in important series such as Stranger Things recalled the recordings of the first two seasons and the work he had to do with both the children of the cast and with the two stars Ralph Macchio and William Zabka. While I had to give the adult actors a review of martial arts, with the boys it was an apprenticeship that served to make the scenes look more real.

How did you record the karate scenes in Cobra Kai?

However, Koda said in a 2020 interview with Cinemablend that he struggled with smaller performers. “Those character progressions worked with each of them because they were all-new from the beginning and they were learning martial arts on the show as they progressed. The hard part was that some of them got really good really fast he confessed.

To solve the problem, the producers were forced

We had to restrain them and say: well you still can’t be that good. You have to slow it down a bit and not look so good, he recalled and did not want to give the names of the young actors.

As for the stars of the show, he expressed

Then you have Billy Zabka and Ralph Macchio, those guys already had previous training doing The Karate Kid years ago. Ralph did not continue training but Billy did for a while after they were filmed. Those movies. So bringing in those guys was like dusting the cobwebs and putting them back in.