Clicker Heroes Hack | Best Clicker Heroes Hacks that Work In 2021


Clicker games are fundamental and easy to play yet very popular. They are quite like flash games: simple, Elementary graphics, easy to play yet intrigues the interest of a lot of people. Idle games are a great form of a pass time for bored people who have some spare time on hand. One such game is Clicker Heroes, the game is elementary, yet it’s quite a task to get gold while playing. If you are looking to get some gold without spending much time, then you should try these clicker heroes hack.

Clicker Heroes Hack

Idle games have a realm and fan following of their own. They aren’t just popular because of their easy-to-play nature. They incorporate some amazing and engaging storylines to keep players entertained while keeping everything simple. Clicker Heroes has a considerable amount of players that play and enjoy this game. If you have played this game before, you are already aware of how tough it is to get gold and rubies.

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Clicker Heroes Hack | Guide 2021

Clicker Heroes is an idle game that can be explained in a single sentence. All you have to do is click on the enemy to damage it and eventually kill it.

Since killing your enemies is so easy, the reward you get after killing each enemy isn’t that much. Each enemy, once defeated, drops some gold that you can collect and use to purchase hero souls and ancient souls.

Clicker Heroes Hack

As we said before, each enemy’s reward isn’t that much, and collecting enough gold to buy your favorite character takes an eternity. Don’t you worry, we have just the thing for you?

If you want gold and rubies without spending much time clicking and defeating enemies, you should try the clicker heroes hack. We have compiled some working clicker heroes hacks for you.

What Is Clicker Heroes?

Clicker Heroes is the most popular game in its genre. It is easy to play and challenging enough to provide a competitive feel to its players.

To move ahead in the game, all you have to do is click. That’s it. You will face enemies in between whom you will have to defeat, and yes, all you have to do is click to defeat these enemies.

What Is Clicker Heroes?

The game becomes more challenging as you move up. Moving up the enemies requires more clicks to die as the damage per click increases marginally with level-ups. This makes getting gold harder and harder as you move up.

The game has kept the gameplay simple yet challenging enough to keep players entertained. If you are into idle games or want to try them during your next office breaks, we highly recommend you try clicker heroes. Before you realize you will be addicted to it.

The amazing-looking unlockable heroes make the experience even better. As you move ahead in the game, you collect gold and rubies and buy amazing character skins with them.

Clicker Heroes Compatibility

Clicker heroes was originally released as an online game with just a browser version in 2014. The game blew up since. The game has since been released on mobile, Xbox, Playstation 4.

You can enjoy this game pretty much on any device, from a smartphone to a gaming console. You don’t even have to worry about the graphics requirements as the game has elementary 2D graphics.

Clicker Heroes Hacks | Working Hacks 2021

As we said, the game requires a lot of time to level up as the amount of gold you get per enemy is very less. The game is simple, yet if you want to move ahead, you will require a lot of patience and time.

If you are looking for a way to get unlimited amounts of gold and rubies without breaking a sweat, you must learn about these clicker heroes hacks.

clicker heroes working hacks

These hacks and cheats are totally safe to use, and you don’t have to worry about losing your device. These hacks and cheats do not require any rooting. We have explained how to use these hacks in a step-by-step guide below.

These hacks will give you an advantage over other players without even trying. There are different hacks in this game; some can get you an unending source of gold and rubies. Several other hacks can help you get hero soul collections and ancient souls.

If all this sounds tempting to you, make sure you stick around to the step-by-step guide on using these hacks and cheats. Make sure you adhere to these steps strictly to ascertain that these hacks work for you.

Different Clicker Heroes Hack | Step By Step Guide 

If you have ever played any of the GTAs, you must be aware of how cheats and hacks work. Now just like that, clicker heroes also have different hacks that will assist you in different ways in-game.

We will explain each and every hack and cheat for you and guide you on how to use them. These cheats are 100% reliable and safe to use. Make sure you stick to the end and go through the steps thoroughly.

Automatic Clicker

This is probably the most basic hack you can use in this game. As we already told you, this is an idle game, and all you have to do is click on the enemies. Well turns out you don’t even have to do that with this hack.

This hack does precisely what the name suggests. It clicks for you. Once you install an auto clicker on your device and select “auto clicker,” it will do all the work for you. You can sit back and watch yourself move up the ladder without moving a muscle.

Clicker heroes auto clicker hack

There are many auto clickers available on the internet; install anyone you find legit and open the game and hit “auto clicker,” and forget about it. It’s a very simple and reliable hack, and you don’t have to go through a lot to use it.

The perk of using this hack is that other players won’t tell whether you are using a hack or not. It’s kind of like employing more sets of fingers to click for you.

Modded Save Files Hack

If you play games, you know every time you save a game at a certain level after playing, it gets recorded at a specific place. It is also known as “Saved files.” There are modded saved files on the internet for this game.

Modded Save Files Hack

With the help of these modded game files, you can get unlimited amounts of Golds and rubies. All you have to do is find a modded saved file on the internet and import it inside the game and restart it.

To import a downloaded save file, all you have to do is click the spanner icon on the home page and next click on Import. Once you have copied the saved file successfully, just restart the game and enjoy.

Clicker Heroes Save Editor Hack

This hack needs a little bit of work and has more steps than the previous two. Now in the previous “Modded saved file” hack, you had to Import a downloaded file. This hack is quite similar. The only difference is that you can make changes to the saved file on your own.

You can make changes to an already existing saved file in-game and get all the golds and rubies you want in the world. You must be wondering, “How do I make changes to a saved file?”

Save editor hack

The Save editor hack is an online webpage that can help you make whatever changes you need to make to your saved file. You can edit the number of golds, rubies, hero souls, and ancient souls you have.

Step By Step Guide To Use Save Editor Hack

Just follow the below-mentioned steps in order to use this hack.

Step By Step Guide To Use Save Editor Hack

Step1: Launch the game and click on the spanner icon on the home page.

Step2: Once the floating windows appear on the screen, click on the Save button.

Save page

Step3: After clicking the save button, a warning banner will appear on your screen that will say, “Game file copied to the system clipboard.”

Step4: Now, on a new tab, visit the “Save Editor Hack page.”

Step5: Now, you will see two boxes that say “Decode” and “Encode,” respectively. Paste the copied game file in the “Decode” box and hit decode.Save editor hack

Step6: Once done, change the values of golds, rubies, hero souls, and ancient souls according to your liking.

Step7: Once you have successfully entered the units, just hit encode.

Step8: Once you click on encode, a code will appear in the output box. Copy this whole text from the output box and import it into the saved files.

That’s it; all your golds and rubies that you entered will be there once you restart the game. Use them to buy character skins or get a power advantage over your competitors.

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Closure | Clicker Heroes Hack

We need something to get our minds off things now and then. Idle games are a great option that you can use to kill some time while having fun playing fundamental games.

Clicker Heroes is one such game. In order to advance in this game, you have to click on the opponent and eventually kill them. Leveling up and collecting gold is a slow process. If you want to get ahead in this game quickly, try the clicker heroes hack that we suggested. If you think we missed something, please feel free to write to us.