Despite the challenges this new medium presents, the director claims to be interested.

Video games are not alien to Christopher Nolan at all. Although none of his films has leaped this medium (ignoring that the Batman: Arkham saga shares certain sensibilities with his The Dark Knight trilogy), the influential director has always remained close to him, arriving this year to start a milestone in the relationship between film and video games when the Tenet trailer premiered worldwide in Fortnite. Months later he was one of the guests at the Game Awards gala, where they asked him precisely about his interest in the medium. At one point, host Geoff Knightley asked him if he had considered turning any of his films into an upcoming game.

Indeed, he had considered it. Nolan revealed that in 2010, with the premiere of Origin, he was involved for a time in the project designed to transform the film into a video game. Since then no other of his films have been tested to have an adaptation of these characteristics, but he admits to being very curious and has stated that he does not rule out making a video game based on one of his films in indeterminate future. “Making movies is complicated and time-consuming. Making video games is much more complicated and requires even more time. The way the video game industry works… it’s tough, ”he explained.

“You don’t want to just make a licensed game, tying it with an established brand… you want it to be great on its terms. It’s not something to be taken lightly but it’s something I’m interested in, ”he concluded. As a general rule, movie-based games have never been of great quality, with their developers caring more about squeezing the license than doing something artistically relevant. Nolan would pretend to move away from this practice, pursuing a work that would function by itself beyond the film that illuminated it. Maybe he’s spinning Tenet around? Undoubtedly, temporary investment is a practice that would be very worth handling in the first person.